Sunday, October 8, 2023

October Scholastic - Results

 October 8, 2023

SDCC 2023 October Scholastic by far was the largest scholastic event we have had ever since we re-opened the scholastic events in December 2021. 

The tournament has been rated can can be found at:

The tournament went very smooth in 4 sections: OPEN (22 players), U800 (34 players), U500 (35 players), and U300 (37 players).   


In the OPEN section Lucca Vitko and Gaspar Mauris Girault and Sai Krishna had the highest score of 3.5/4 but Lucca took fist place on tie-breaks, Gaspar 2nd place and Sai 3rd place. Smaran Mukkavilli, Anirudh Ajay and Angelina Lee all got 3 points but took 4th, 5th and 6th places on tie-breaks. Arjun Amit Jain took 7th place with 2.5 points (on tie breaks).

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalMMSC
1LUCCA VITKO1003W21 (b)W5 (w)W6 (b)D2 (b)3.59.5109.5
2GASPAR MAURIS GIRAULT930W9 (w)W4 (b)W10 (b)D1 (w)3.58.510.59.5
3SAI KRISHNA1030W14 (w)W16 (b)D7 (w)W11 (b)
4SMARAN MUKKAVILLI1023W15 (b)L2 (w)W13 (b)W7 (w)389.57
5ANIRUDH AJAY803W8 (w)L1 (b)W18 (b)W10 (w)3897
6ANGELINA LEE793W11 (w)W9 (b)L1 (w)W12 (w)37.59.58
7ARJUN AMIT JAIN1003W13 (w)W12 (w)D3 (b)L4 (b)2.58.510.58
8KOROUSH ASADI MORALES987L5 (b)D15 (w)W19 (b)W18 (w)
9ARTHUR ARMAN1035L2 (b)L6 (w)W15 (b)W20 (w)24.593
10MILLER ZHANG1017W20 (w)W17 (b)L2 (w)L5 (b)248.57
11JASON VAN BUREN945L6 (b)W21 (w)W17 (b)L3 (w)2485
12AYAAN OSWAL1112W22 (w)L7 (b)W16 (w)L6 (b)23.576
13SHRENIK DOSHI818L7 (b)W22 (b)L4 (w)W16 (w)23.574
14ALAN CHANG875L3 (b)L19 (w)W21 (b)W17 (w)2263
15RAUL HUSEYNLI BORSELLA861L4 (w)D8 (b)L9 (w)W19 (b)
16ERIK LIVITZ945W19 (w)L3 (w)L12 (b)L13 (b)158.54
17SASHWAT RAJ NIRMAL803W18 (b)L10 (w)L11 (w)L14 (b)1574
18AHMAD TAHA MIRZAHI975L17 (w)W20 (b)L5 (w)L8 (b)14.57.53
19DYLAN LIU767L16 (b)W14 (b)L8 (w)L15 (w)14.573
20HUNTER AN861L10 (b)L18 (w)W22 (w)L9 (b)13.55.52
21JAMES KASED837L1 (w)L11 (b)L14 (w)D22 (b)0.54.580.5
22KYAN BACH934L12 (b)L13 (w)L20 (b)D21 (w)



In U800 section, Patricio Godinez and Anoushka Silva shared a perfect score of 4/4 but Patricio won 1st place on tie-breaks. Anoushka got the 2nd place. Renae Chen, Thomas Hamacher, Calvin Kim, Cameron Twu, Abhiram Kasireddi and Owen Hanson all shared the same score 3/4 but got 1st through 8th place based on tie-breaks. Agastya Shiv Mali got 9th place, and Liam Sakurada got 10th.

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalMMSolkoffC
1PATRICIO GODINEZ582W7 (w)W17 (b)W4 (w)W3 (b)491110
2ANOUSHKA SILVA622W9 (b)W14 (w)W6 (b)W10 (w)481010
3RENAE CHEN773W22 (b)W15 (w)W12 (b)L1 (w)38.510.59
4THOMAS HAMACHER710W28 (b)W11 (w)L1 (b)W19 (w)38.59.58
5CALVIN KIM532W21 (b)W8 (w)D10 (b)D9 (w)38108.5
6CAMERON TWU732W30 (w)W20 (b)L2 (w)W18 (b)3898
7ABHIRAM KASIREDDI730L1 (b)W23 (w)W27 (b)W15 (w)3896
8OWEN HANSEN693W25 (w)L5 (b)W26 (w)W14 (w)3677
9AGASTYA SHIV MALI780L2 (w)W16 (b)W20 (w)D5 (b)2.59115.5
10LIAM SAKURADA721W31 (w)W26 (b)D5 (w)L2 (b)2.5898
11DELBY SHEROD562W13 (w)L4 (b)H---W16 (b)
12RISHABH DOSHI689W27 (b)W29 (w)L3 (w)D13 (b)
13MICHAEL MOKHOV696L11 (b)W28 (w)W29 (b)D12 (w)2.5675.5
14DANIEL PARK759W19 (w)L2 (b)W30 (w)L8 (b)25106
15MORGAN MCCARTY656W18 (w)L3 (b)W25 (w)L7 (b)2596
16LIZBETH REYES410W24 (b)L9 (w)W33 (b)L11 (w)24.576
17TOMMY LEE752W23 (b)L1 (w)L19 (b)W27 (w)2495
18AIDEN JIYUL KIM522L15 (b)W22 (w)W21 (b)L6 (w)2495
19MILO GILSON605L14 (b)W32 (w)W17 (w)L4 (b)247.55
20ERIC OEN639W32 (b)L6 (w)L9 (b)W29 (w)23.575
21KAREN UENO668L5 (w)W31 (b)L18 (w)W26 (b)2374
22ARLES BORJAS618L3 (w)L18 (b)W28 (w)W25 (b)2373
23SIMON HENRY ROFF583L17 (w)L7 (b)W34 (w)W32 (b)22.55.53
24ROBERT MARDER634L16 (w)L25 (b)W31 (w)W30 (b)2253
25OSCAR ELLISON556L8 (b)W24 (w)L15 (b)L22 (w)1693
26SALIM LAMOURI563W33 (b)L10 (w)L8 (b)L21 (w)14.57.54
27SHAURYA AGGARWAL545L12 (w)W34 (b)L7 (w)L17 (b)14.57.53
28NOLAN B TRUONG569L4 (w)L13 (b)L22 (b)W34 (w)14.57.51
29AGNIV DAS530W34 (w)L12 (b)L13 (w)L20 (b)14.574
30EMILIE HAMACHER583L6 (b)W33 (w)L14 (b)L24 (w)1473
31DANIEL LIVITZ577L10 (b)L21 (w)L24 (b)W33 (w)146.51
32AVIKA KHANNA503L20 (w)L19 (b)B---L23 (w)1460
33CALVIN CHUI700L26 (w)L30 (b)L16 (w)L31 (b)0350
34EVAN BANDALA665L29 (b)L27 (w)L23 (b)L28 (b)0350


In U500 section Jakub Saja and Lucas Zhang got the perfect score of 4 out of 4.  but Jakub got the 1st place on tiebreaks. Antoine Maille-Le Roch, Aranya Debnath, Luca Batour, Diego Amado, Damian Hernandez, Shreyas Methuku and Aayush Kasireddi got 3 out 4 but got 3rd through 9th place based on tiebreaks. Jason Borjas got the 10th place.

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalMMSolkoffC
1JAKUB SAJAUW35 (w)W11 (b)W3 (b)W5 (b)48.58.510
2LUCAS ZHANGUW17 (w)W9 (b)W15 (w)W10 (b)47.59.510
3ANT MAILE-LE ROCH408W18 (w)W4 (b)L1 (w)W15 (b)39118
4ARANYA DEBNATHUW8 (b)L3 (w)W20 (b)W16 (w)38107
5LUCA BATOUR479W22 (w)W25 (b)W19 (b)L1 (w)37.58.59
6DIEGO AMADO497L10 (w)W31 (b)W21 (w)W13 (b)3786
7DAMIAN HERNANDEZ317W12 (b)L15 (b)W26 (w)W17 (w)36.57.57
8SHREYAS METHUKU412L4 (w)W18 (b)W27 (b)W24 (w)36.57.56
9AAYUSH KASIREDDI406W34 (b)L2 (w)W29 (b)W19 (w)36.56.57
10JASON BORJAS369W6 (b)W27 (w)D16 (b)L2 (w)2.59108
11ALEXANDER OEN402W29 (b)L1 (w)W34 (b)D12 (w)
12AKHIL FOSTER452L7 (w)W30 (b)W25 (w)D11 (b)
13RYAN YU322H---W28 (w)W14 (b)L6 (w)
14SAHIL NATHUD16 (b)W24 (w)L13 (w)W26 (b)2.5676
15AKIRA OGAWA496W30 (b)W7 (w)L2 (b)L3 (w)26117
16ARCHER SEVERHILL389D14 (w)W33 (b)D10 (w)L4 (b)258.56
17JACOB LOH415L2 (b)W34 (w)W30 (w)L7 (b)2485
18AYAAN DAVEUL3 (b)L8 (w)W31 (w)W28 (b)2483
19JORDAN BOURDLAIESUB---W26 (b)L5 (w)L9 (b)2473
20NIALL DOMI MERTEN423L25 (w)W22 (b)L4 (w)W27 (b)2374
21JOSEPH WRIGHT321L26 (w)W23 (b)L6 (b)W29 (w)2374
22ELLIOTT YAN320L5 (b)L20 (w)W35 (w)W33 (b)22.55.53
23ELLA CAI431L28 (b)L21 (w)W33 (w)W25 (b)224.53
24LEYTON HOWELLUH---L14 (b)W28 (w)L8 (b)
25RIAAN GHOSHUW20 (b)L5 (w)L12 (b)L23 (w)16.59.54
26ANGEL TISCHER477W21 (b)L19 (w)L7 (b)L14 (w)1694
27DOMINIC MOVIUSUW31 (b)L10 (b)L8 (w)L20 (w)15.58.54
28LEANID SAVELYEU311W23 (w)L13 (b)L24 (b)L18 (w)15.584
29MIKHAIL MOVIUSUL11 (w)W35 (b)L9 (w)L21 (b)14.57.53
30JOSE NAVARRO RODRIGUEZ376L15 (w)L12 (w)L17 (b)W35 (b)146.51
31MEJA ANN HIBBERT404L27 (w)L6 (w)L18 (b)W34 (w)1361
32RIVKA KATZ375U---B---U---U---1000
33PHILOMENA MURRAUH---L16 (w)L23 (b)L22 (w)0.5460
34AYMAN MOHAMMEDUL9 (w)L17 (b)L11 (w)L31 (b)05.58.50
35DANG KHOA NGUYEN408L1 (b)L29 (w)L22 (b)L30 (w)0480



In our beginner U300 section Elliot Movius, Joon Byun, Patrick Huang, and Alexander Tsimberg all had the highest scorer 3.5 out of 4 but got 1st through 4th place on tiebreaks. Rene Ibarra Uribe, Nicolas Bracho, Hadrien Mauris Girault, Jamie Cheng, Isabella Bryant and Surya Paduchuri all had 3 out of 4 but go 5th through 10th place on tiebreaks.

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalMMSolC
1ELLIOT MOVIUSUW16 (b)W7 (w)D4 (b)W11 (w)3.59119
2JOON BYUNUW17 (w)W24 (b)W6 (w)D3 (w)3.58.5109.5
3PATRICK HUANG135W19 (w)W15 (b)W14 (w)D2 (b)
4ALEXANDER TSIMBERG258W36 (w)W28 (b)D1 (w)W5 (w)
5RENE IBARRA URIBEUW26 (w)W10 (b)W18 (w)L4 (b)38.5109
6NICOLAS BRACHO262W37 (b)W8 (w)L2 (b)W16 (w)38.598
7HADRIEN MAURIS GIRAULT145W27 (w)L1 (b)W19 (w)W18 (b)37.597
8JAMIE CHENGUW22 (w)L6 (b)W17 (w)W21 (w)3797
9ISABELLA BRYANT186D13 (w)W36 (b)W12 (w)D14 (b)3777.5
10SURYA K PADUCHURI230W30 (b)L5 (w)W29 (b)W15 (w)3677
11MARSHA MCCARTY196W25 (w)D12 (b)W13 (w)L1 (b)2.58.5107.5
12ANIKA MACHA105W20 (b)D11 (w)L9 (b)W25 (w)2.57.596.5
13VIHA DUNDIGALUD9 (b)W20 (w)L11 (b)W24 (b)2.57.596
14RIVKA KATZ273B---W34 (w)L3 (b)D9 (w)2.5773.5
15OLIVER BANDALAUW32 (b)L3 (w)W22 (w)L10 (b)259.56
16NATHANIEL SAPOZHNIKOV220L1 (w)W23 (b)W28 (w)L6 (b)259.55
17KAMEA HUSEYNLI BORSELLA190L2 (b)W33 (w)L8 (b)W30 (b)2484
18PETER LOH249W33 (b)W29 (w)L5 (b)L7 (w)247.57
19MAXWELL BANDALAUL3 (b)W37 (w)L7 (b)W34 (w)23.57.54
20LIAM LIBENSON291L12 (w)L13 (b)W34 (b)W28 (w)23.56.53
21ISAAC SAYRE238L28 (w)W27 (b)W26 (w)L8 (b)2375
22MARK LOSKOVSKI140L8 (b)W30 (w)L15 (b)W29 (w)2374
23JULIAN OVAKIMYAN173L29 (b)L16 (w)W33 (b)W31 (w)224.53
24GABRIEL SAPOZHNIKOV210W31 (b)L2 (w)D25 (b)L13 (w)1.558.55
25ANGEL GENAROUL11 (b)W32 (w)D24 (w)L12 (b)1.557.54
26LEILA ZOKIROV108L5 (b)W31 (w)L21 (b)D27 (w)
27ALEX CHENGUL7 (b)L21 (w)W32 (b)D26 (b)
28JASON LIUW21 (b)L4 (w)L16 (b)L20 (b)169.54
29ESTELLE LUOUW23 (w)L18 (b)L10 (w)L22 (b)1694
30THEO HUBERUL10 (w)L22 (b)W37 (b)L17 (w)14.57.52
31ROBERT SHANNONUL24 (w)L26 (b)W36 (w)L23 (b)1352
32ESTHER W SONG106L15 (w)L25 (b)L27 (w)W36 (b)1351
33MARTHA DVOSKIN101L18 (w)L17 (b)L23 (w)D35 (b)0.5680.5
34GEMMA MURRAUH---L14 (b)L20 (w)L19 (b)0.5460
35ARDEN ARMAN106U---U---U---D33 (w)0.500.50.5
36DANIEL DVOSKIN101L4 (b)L9 (w)L31 (b)L32 (w)058.50
37OLIVE LOH102L6 (w)L19 (b)L30 (w)U---0360

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