Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day Scholastic 05/28

MEMORIAL DAY SCHOLASTIC TOURNAMENT went great today with 90 participants. We were first intending to run the event with around 80 but many players registered right when we were about to start the event! It all worked out great at the end and everyone had an opponent.

The volunteers for the tournament were: Irina Nizmutdinova, Jonathan Frye,  Jason Nunez, Kathryn Mokhov, Mario Amodeo and David Saponara. 

The winners of the OPEN Section:

1st Place - Robert Murthy

2nd Place - Martin Valkanov

3rd Place - Fausto Borquez

4th Place - Jaxon Wolfe

5th Place - Saanvi Sheoran

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalMMSolkoffCumul.
1ROBERT MURPHY933W10 (b)W5 (w)D2 (w)2.54.565.5
2MARTIN VALKANOV1096W14 (b)W4 (w)D1 (b)
3FAUSTO BORQUEZ1323W15 (b)D8 (w)W9 (b)2.5335
4JAXON WOLFE1543W6 (w)L2 (b)W8 (b)24.564
5SAANVI SHEORAN1115W7 (w)L1 (b)W13 (w)24.55.54
6SMARAN MUKKAVILLI1025L4 (b)W16 (w)W11 (b)2333
7ARJUN AMIT JAIN1006L5 (b)W15 (w)W12 (w)2333
8GAVIN BARNES1045W12 (w)D3 (b)L4 (w)1.525.54
9RUSTAM ZOKIROV1047D11 (b)W13 (b)L3 (w)1.514.53.5
10KOROUSH ASADI MORALES1089L1 (w)D11 (w)W15 (b)1.513.52
11CHRISTOPHER WANG903D9 (w)D10 (b)L6 (w)1352.5
12VINSON NGUYEN1040L8 (b)W14 (w)L7 (b)12.54.52
13KYAN BACH887W16 (b)L9 (w)L5 (b)11.53.53
14GASPAR MAURIS GIRAULT865L2 (w)L12 (b)W16 (b)113.51
15SAI KRISHNA1023L3 (w)L7 (b)L10 (w)03.560
16LIAM SAKURADA951L13 (w)L6 (b)L14 (w)0240


1st Place - James Kased

2nd Place - Saksham Kapoor

3rd Place - Sashwat Raj Nirmal

4th Place - Bryan Xu

5th Place - Daniel Park

6th Place - Cameron Twu

7th Place - Aaron Wu

8th Place - Finn Brentnall

9th Place - Shrenik Doshi

10th Place - Michael Mokhov

Best U500 - Robert Marder

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalModified MedianSolkoff
1JAMES KASED740W29 (w)W8 (b)W6 (w)3456
2SAKSHAM KAPOOR787W40 (b)W9 (w)W7 (b)3446
3SASHWAT RAJ NIRMAL684W30 (w)W23 (b)W11 (w)3346
4BRYAN XUUW39 (b)W25 (w)W10 (w)3336
5DANIEL PARK501D38 (b)W28 (w)W21 (b)2.52.534.5
6CAMERON TWU617W13 (b)W12 (w)L1 (b)2575
7AARON ZHIYANG WU618W33 (w)W14 (b)L2 (w)2565
8FINN MI BRENTNALL551W16 (w)L1 (w)W31 (b)2564
9SHRENIK DOSHI791W32 (w)L2 (b)W22 (w)24.55.54
10MICHAEL MOKHOV650W34 (b)W27 (w)L4 (b)2455
11ROBERT MARDER458W28 (b)W31 (w)L3 (b)2455
12DYLAN LIU764W15 (w)L6 (b)W23 (w)2454
13DAVIS KINTZUL6 (w)W29 (b)W32 (w)2343
14RISHABH DOSHI627W35 (b)L7 (w)W36 (b)233.54
15AIDEN LIHAN YAN573L12 (b)W35 (w)W25 (b)233.53
16ALAN CHANG684L8 (b)W41 (w)W24 (b)2333
17ERIC OEN611L21 (b)W34 (w)W33 (b)22.53.53
18ISAAC WONG671L23 (b)W30 (w)W27 (b)2233
19JASON VAN BUREN700L24 (b)W38 (w)W26 (b)222.53
20JEFFREY CHEN741W26 (b)W24 (w)U---2225
21AVERY BAZANUW17 (w)D22 (b)L5 (w)1.5264
22KOSAL SIEM633W42 (b)D21 (w)L9 (b)
23AKIRA OGAWA505W18 (w)L3 (w)L12 (b)1473
24ROMEE FORREST554W19 (w)L20 (b)L16 (w)146.53
25SAMUEL LEON647W36 (w)L4 (b)L15 (w)1363
26ALFONSO SANCHEZ V572L20 (w)W37 (b)L19 (w)135.52
27ARLES BORJAS495W37 (w)L10 (b)L18 (w)1353
28MILO GILSON632L11 (w)L5 (b)W38 (b)12.551
29ABHIRAM KASIREDDI572L1 (b)L13 (w)W42 (b)1251
30EVAN BANDALA527L3 (b)L18 (b)W39 (w)1251
31HOLDEN CHENG673W41 (w)L11 (b)L8 (w)1243
32DYLAN HILL604L9 (b)W42 (w)L13 (b)1242
33JOSEPH WRIGHT412L7 (b)W40 (w)L17 (w)1242
34ANAY GUPTA472L10 (w)L17 (b)W40 (b)1241
35SAANVI VAKKALA421L14 (w)L15 (b)B---1240
36KIERAN CRONIN468L25 (b)W39 (w)L14 (w)1132
37JASON BORJASUL27 (b)L26 (w)W41 (b)1121
38SHAURYA AGGARWAL660D5 (w)L19 (b)L28 (w)0.535.51.5
39ELIJAH WONG611L4 (w)L36 (b)L30 (b)0250
40MASON KREMS601L2 (w)L33 (b)L34 (w)0250
41AAYUSH KASIREDDI554L31 (b)L16 (b)L37 (w)0240
42NOLAN LIU460L22 (w)L32 (b)L29 (w)023.50


1st Place - Elliot D’Argenio
2nd Place - Oscar Ellison
3rd Place - Alex Auef
4th Place - Arielle Sapozhnikov
5th Place - Fabian Dominguez
6th Place - Salim Lamouri
7th Place - Alexander Oen
8th Place - Esther Sanchez
9th Place - Dikran Bostanci
10th Place - Akhil Foster

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalMMSolkoffCumul.
1ELIOT D'ARGENIO386W26 (b)W10 (w)W6 (b)3456
2OSCAR ELLISON364W22 (w)W8 (b)W7 (w)344.56
3ALEX AUEF396W20 (w)W19 (b)W5 (w)3346
4ARIELLE SAPOZHNIKOV101W30 (w)W27 (b)W9 (b)32.52.56
5FABIAN DOMINQUEZ335W15 (b)W14 (w)L3 (b)2575
6SALIM LAMOURI234W21 (w)W12 (b)L1 (w)2565
7ALEXANDER OENUW25 (b)W11 (w)L2 (b)2565
8ESTHER EV SANCHEZ197W16 (b)L2 (w)W18 (b)2564
9DIKRAN BOSTANCI378W24 (w)W23 (b)L4 (w)2455
10AKHIL FOSTER335W18 (w)L1 (b)W21 (w)2454
11ELLIOTT YAN337W13 (w)L7 (b)W27 (w)244.54
12MORGAN MCCARTY377W29 (b)L6 (w)W17 (b)23.544
13MILA VALKANOVUL11 (b)W25 (w)W24 (b)2343
14GABRIEL MILLERUW28 (w)L5 (b)W23 (w)233.54
15EDMOND WUUL5 (w)W28 (b)W20 (w)233.53
16ENPA KIBARUL8 (w)W22 (b)W19 (w)233.53
17RYAN IMPASTATO247D27 (w)W30 (b)L12 (w)
18LOGAN DELILLOUL10 (b)W26 (w)L8 (w)1352
19RYDER KREMS247W32 (b)L3 (w)L16 (b)12.55.53
20RYAN YU155L3 (b)W32 (w)L15 (b)12.55.52
21BECKETT BROOKOVERUL6 (b)W29 (w)L10 (b)12.54.52
22THAMAN MOVVA106L2 (b)L16 (w)B---1250
23CHRISTOPH INZUNZA245W31 (b)L9 (w)L14 (b)1243
24ADHVIK PUSALA127L9 (b)W31 (w)L13 (w)1242
25NATHANIEL SAPOZHNIKOV251L7 (w)L13 (b)W31 (w)1241
26MARK LOSKOVSKI148L1 (w)L18 (b)W30 (w)1141
27JAMES MACMILLANUD17 (b)L4 (w)L11 (b)
28ELEANOR E SANCHEZ319L14 (b)L15 (w)D29 (b)
29GIOVANNI AMODEO113L12 (w)L21 (b)D28 (w)
30AUGUSTIN SANCHEZ342L4 (b)L17 (w)L26 (b)02.55.50
31ALIKHAN MEREKEUL23 (w)L24 (b)L25 (b)0230
32ROSTAM IHSANUL19 (w)L20 (b)U---0120


The top performers received a golden crown and 6-10th performers (top 10) received a golden knight

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