Friday, March 31, 2023

Scholastic March Arena Top Performers

 Thank you all who participated in our March Arena series, 2 Lichess tournaments held on 3/23 and 3/30. Total of 54 players! 

Remember that Arena tournaments are very different from Swiss.  Arena points can be a bit manipulated by reducing the time control compared to your opponent. In addition, some kids only played in only one March Arena so they have less points.

Here are the 25 top performers of the March Arena (points for both days were added).

Ryuta Nunez
Nishk Shah
Eric Oen
Fausto Borquez
Cameron Twu
Ephi Rosenstock
James Chang
Saksham Kapoor
Sashwat Raj
Joshua Lin
Hiro Uchiyama
Miller Zhang
Michael Mokhov
Sai Krishna
Chetan Yanamala
Darren Youn
Gordon Negus
Gavin Tjipto
Milo Gilson
Holden Cheng
Anoushka Silva
Anton Mokhov
Kyle Chuang
Francis Ordanza
Brayden Tantisira

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