Monday, December 23, 2013

No Gambito Open on Dec 28

NO Gambito Open on 12/28/14

This is the one of the 3 weekends of the year we take off (also the weekends of the Gay Pride Parade and the St Patrick's Day parade, rather noisy events and parking is very difficult). Many players are going to the North American Open in Las Vegas, many others are busy with holiday plans, so in the years that we have held it, the turnout was extremely light. Therefore we have learned that it is best to take the week off.

So the next Gambito Open will be a Super Gambito on January 4, 2014 and we expect a great turnout for that one! I look forward to seeing everyone next year and hope that the holidays are fun for each one of you. And thanks to all for you support during the year: in 2013, we set another all-time record for cash prizes won at the Gambito Open, which is just another measure of attendance, since that's what the prizes are based on.        

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