Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gambito #634

Gambito Open #634  on 11/13/13

34 players today, great turnout! Here they are in pre-event rating order:

3 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Kevin Trujillo and Bruce Baker
5 Experts: Braulio Cuarta, Venkat Iyer, Leonard Sussman, Chris Wonnell and Gurveer Singh
11 Class A: Richard Skinnell, Ajay Krishnan, Aaron Householder, Sridhar Ramanujam, Alex Costello, Chuck Ensey, Jay Choi, Jack Manata, Datris Robinson, Pejman Sagart and Justin Kang
4 Class B: Ben Duong, Ramil Macaspac, Renato Conducto and Anthony Harbone
6 Class C: Sabrina Duong, David Narevsky, Ken Green, Tygan Zeng, Chris Mitchell and Alex Householder
5 Class D: Michael Blandin, Anthony Liu, Fred Cleveland, David Terr and Andruw Householder

We used our usual 3 point McMahon pairing system (M/Exp=3, A=2, B=1, C/D=0). Bruce Charnov directed with help from Bruce Baker, Jeff Turner and Chuck Ensey.
Cyrus beat the #3,4,5 and 6 seeded players, he didn't have to face #2 Kevin Trujillo (2368), who had an off day, losing to Venkat in Rd 1 and then drawing with Lenny Sussman. Kevin then beat Aaron Householder, but in the last round he lost to his friend Braulio! I am sure he will get used to the Gambito time control (G/40, d/5) and do better in the future. Bruce lost to Cyrus after two wins and then drew with Venkat. The big rating point gainers (estimated) were Michael Blandin +141 (1397 to 1538) and David Terr +107 (998 to 1105). David upset Renato in the last round. Another big upset was David Narevsky beating Jay Choi in the last round. Ken Green also gained 81 points and Alex Householder 65.   

Here are the prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (7), $125  Second Place: Bruce Baker (5 1/2), $75
BU2400: Braulio Cuarta (5 1/2), $75      BU2200: Venkat Iyer (5 1/2), $75
BU2000: Alex Costello (5) and Richard Skinnell (5), $50 each
BU1800: Ben Duong (4), $60
BU1600: Ken Green (3) and David Narevsky (3), $25 each
BU1400: Michael Blandin (3), $50

Total Prizes: $610

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