Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gambito #614

Gambito #614  on 6/15/13

26 players, attendance usually increases as we get into the summer months, which is why we are having a 5 round Special Gambito next week (starts at 10 AM instead of 10:30 to sqeeze in the extra round). Entry fee is $50 and there are $2,000 in guaranteed prizes! Details to follow in a new posting. As for Gambito 614, here are the players in pre-event rating order:

We used a 4 point McMahon pairing system with M=4, E=3, A=2, B=1 and C/D=0

4 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker, Peter Graves, Ramil Macaspac (based on only 4 games from last week, but we had to honor that).
4 Experts: Venkat Iyer, Leonard Sussman, Elkaei Rivera and Jeff Turner
6 Class A: Alex Costello, Jason Ma, Buddy Morris, Jerry Qu, Jason Arbeiter and Jay Choi
5 Class B: Chuck Ensey, Thomas Diem, Datris Robinson, Carlo Del Pilar and Ben Keltner
2 Class C: Luiz Uribe and Jesse Wang
5 Class D: Tygan Zeng, Fred Cleveland, Matthew Wang, Joshua Chung and Patrick Edwards

House players: Paul Agron (1 game), John Donahoo (3 games), Donald Klaas (1 game)

Cyrus drew with Venkat in round 3 and also beat Bruce, Peter and Lenny. Bruce beat Ramil, Jeff and Venkat. Jeff beat Alex, drew with Lenny and beat Jay. Venkat beat Elkaei and Peter before drawing and losing to the top 2 players. Jason Ma drew with Jason Arbeiter, beat Jerry, drew with Jay and beat Ramil. Ben and Chuck took byes and then drew each other but both won their last two, Ben over Datris and Tygan; Chuck over Carlo and Buddy. Tygan beat Joshua, Thomas and Fred, before losing to Ben in the last round.
As far as rating points, the winners were (these are estimates): Tygan +92 to 1497, Jay +51 to 1854 and Ben +50 to 1703.

and the prize winners were:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (7 1/2), $100
Second Place: Bruce Baker (7), $60
U2400/U2200: Jeff Turner (5 1/2) and Venkat Iyer (5 1/2), $55 each
U2000: Jason Ma (5), $60
U1800: Chuck Ensey (4) and Ben Keltner (4), $30 each
U1600: Tygan Zeng (3), $40
U1400: Fred Cleveland (1 1/2) and Matthew Wang (1 1/2), $15 each

Total Prizes: $450

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