Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gambito #613

Gambito Open #613   6/08/2013

27 players, including, in pre-event rating order:
5 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Varun Krishnan, Raad Hamad, Bruce Baker and Peter Graves
4 Experts: Elkaei Rivera, Leonard Sussman, Jeff Turner and Mario Vinoya
7 Class A: Alex Costello, Buddy Morris, Sridhar Ramanujam, Gurveer Singh, Jerry Qu, Chuck Ensey, Bryan Tangtartharakul, plus John Donahoo (2 games) and Vincent Broman (1 game) as house players
4 Class B: Jay Choi, Eliza Eggert, Ben Keltner and Jared Weiss
3 Class C: Jesse Wang, Michael Blandin and David Palmer
2 Class D/E: Matthew Wang and David Terr, plus house player Robert Sulzen (1 game)
2 unrated (free entry): Carlo Del Pilar and Ramil Macaspac

Pretty good turnout considering many of the usual players were in Las Vegas for the National Open.
We used a 3 point McMahon, with M/E=3, A=2, B=1, C/D=0
Here are the Prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (6 1/2), $100
2nd Place: Peter Graves (6), $60
BU2400: Bruce Baker (5 1/2), $60
BU2200: Mario Vinoya (5), $60
BU2000: Alex Costello (5), $60
BU1800: Ben Keltner (3 1/2) and Jared Weiss (3 1/2), $30 each
BU1600: Matthew Wang (2 1/2), $40
BU1400: David Terr (1), $10

Total Prizes: $450

Cyrus drew with Peter Graves, then beat Varun, Bruce and Raad
Peter also beat Mario, drew with Raad and beat Varun and raised his rating over 2300!
Bruce drew with Mario, beat Jeff, lost to Cy and beat Lenny
Mario also drew with Jeff and beat Sridhar
Raad racked up 3 draws with Jeff, Lenny and Peter before losing to Cyrus
Alex had a bye, beat Sridhar, drew with Elkaei and beat Jeff
Ramil Macaspac beat David Terr, Michael Blandin (barely, on time with an analog clock), Bryan Tangtartharakul and Jay Choi, so estimated provisional rating is 2199!! No relation to Arthur Macaspac, by the way.
Carlo Del Pilar beat David Palmer, Eliza, drew with Chuck and lost to Jared for an est 1752 rating.  

Bruce Charnov directed with assistance from me, Chuck Ensey

In two weeks, June 22 we will kick off summer with a 5 round Special Gambito, starts early at 10 AM and with a $50 entry fee, it will have lots of big prizes, details to follow... 

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