Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bruce Baker Simul/Open House


This Wednesday April 10 our Open house begins at 6 PM. This mean there will be free munchies for club members followed by an entertaining simul by new Club Champion Bruce Baker. He promises to make it fun and let people talk a bit amongst themselves about possible moves etc. The simul will likely start around 7:15, but if you show up a little late, he still might let you join in, depending on the number of players already playing.

This weekend April 4/13 - 4/14 is the Senior/Junior Open. "Seniors" (players 50 years old or more) will be in one section, and "Juniors" (age 49 or less) in the other. 5 rounds or G/100, d/10.  Rounds at 10 AM,  2 PM and 6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM and 2 PM on Sunday. Entry fee $50 if signed up by Friday night (email chucnglo@aol.com ), special rate of only $25 if U1300. $3,600 in prizes based on 70 players (60% guaranteed).   

The following Wednesday 4/17/13 at 7PM we start a new tournament, the Kyron Griffith McMahon, all players will be in one section with Masters and Experts starting with 4 bye points, Class A with 3, Class B with 2, Class C with 1 and Class D and below with 0. Time control will be Game/2 hours with 10 second delay.     

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