Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gambito Open #600

Gambito Open #600  2/23/13

This was a milestone event, but nothing special was planned as all effort recently went into the Recession Buster Open. As expected, the turnout was a little light after the big long weekend event starting last Saturday. We had 22 players, here they were:
5 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Kyron Griffith, Bruce Baker, Peter Graves and Nikolay Arutyunov
4 Experts: Venkat Iyer, Leonard Sussman, Jeff Turner and Ben Barquin
4 Class A: Buddy Morris, Ajay Krishnan, Jay Choi and Gregory Ingolia
6 Class B: Daniel Cook, Chuck Ensey, Hector Gonzalez, David Narevsky, Gary Weeks and Anthony Harbone
3 Class C and below: Ben Keltner, Fred Cleveland and Jim Harrell
Bruce Baker directed and used a 2 point McMahon pairing system where M =2, Exp/A=1, B/C=0

Kyron and Cyrus drew in round 2. Cy defeated Bruce Baker, Peter Graves and Nikolay Arutyunov. Kyron managed wins over Peter, Ben Barquin and Nikolay. Nikolay defeated Bruce but then ran into the 2421 rated Kyron and the 2506 rated Cyrus. It was good to see Nikolay playing again, it has been a while. Dionisio Aldama was playing at an event in Mexico or we would have had 6 masters. Peter Graves won games over Jeff Turner and Leonard Sussman to win U2400, while Venkat Iyer won U2200 with wins over Buddy Morris, Jay Choi and Jeff Turner, plus a loss to Ben Barquin.

Gary Weeks had a great day, moving up from Class B to win the U2000 prize. He won over Jim Harrell, drew with Daniel Cook and then won over Class A players Ajay Krishnan and Greg Ingolia. The last prize winner, Ben Keltner, won over Jim Harrell and Fred Cleveland. No big changes in ratings except for Gary Weeks, who racked up 92 points to get back to 1700 (approximately, it should be officially rated soon).
Here were the prize winnners:

First/Second Place: Kyron Griffith (5 1/2) and Cyrus Lakdawala (5 1/2), $70 each
BU2400: Peter Graves (4), $50
BU2200: Venkat Iyer (4), $50
BU2000: Gary Weeks (3 1/2), $50
BU1800: Daniel Cook (2 1/2), $50
BU1600: Ben Keltner (2), $50

Total Prizes: $390

Next week: March Super Gambito Open on 3/02/13. 4 rounds, g/40, Entry Fee = $25

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