Thursday, January 3, 2013

Markowski Open Rd 1 of 7

Alina Markowski Qualifier, Round 1 of 7 on 1/02/13  7 PM

This event qualifies 13 players for the Club Championship. David Hart and John Funderburg are already in as current Co-Champions along with Raoul Crisologo (Shootout winner). Kyron Griffith also had a spot reserved as winner of the year-end "Masters" Class Championship, but he has given it up to play in the Markowski Open. Rated 2400, he probably doesn't have too much to worry about. All the players are in one big section, so the first few rounds have quite large rating mismatches. Still, each year we have one or two upsets in the first round, and this year we had even more...

If you want to join this event please email Chuck Ensey at by 4 PM on Wednesday, or call the club at 619-239-7166. Two half point byes are allowed, so you start with 1/2 a point.

60 players for round 1, but we expect 10 to 20 more to join for round 2, so no point in posting tentative pairings just yet. Here are 5 more players who are joining in round 2:
Aaron Wooten, Alfredo Deleon, Jim Humphrey, Roger Pedersen and Darryl Woodson...

Please join now, and/or get a friend to join too, so we can get to our normal 80 players for this popular event and maybe even get over 90!  

Bd 1  Fawsi Jose Murra - Kyron Griffith  0-1
Bd 2  Bruce Baker - Eliza Eggert  1-0
Bd 3  Steve Perry - Todd Smith  0-1
Bd 4  Carl Wagner - Gary Weeks  1-0
Bd 5  Thomas Webb - Paul Agron  0-1
Bd 6  Peter Hodges - Glenn Rich  1-0
Bd 7  Brian Kelly - Tim McGuiness  1-0  Brian pulled off the upset with the highest board #.

Bd 8  Chris Wonnell - Santiago Rubio-Fernaz  1-0
Bd 9  Mayra Movius - Lennart Mathe  0-1
Bd 10  Alejandrino Baluran - Stephen Zhu  1-0
Bd 11  Rocio Murra - Jeff Turner  0-1
Bd 12  David Saponara - Robert Henderson  1-0
Bd 13  Mark Lawless - Phillip Roth  1/2-1/2  This was the longest game of the night, going on a full hour after all others were done. Mark's Rook was able to keep Phil's Bishop and two pawns in check.

Bd 14  Buddy Morris - Morgan Fox  1-0
Bd 15  Rob Soul - Allan Virtue  0-1
Bd 16  Joel Batchelor - Karen Kaufman  1-0
Bd 17  David Palmer - Daniel Zhu  1-0  Another upset
Bd 18  Fidel Gonzalez - Tygan Zeng  1-0
Bd 19  Monica McGuiness - Pejman Sagart  0-1
Bd 20  Zechariah Zhu -Bill Murray  1-0
Bd 21  Dustin Movius - Shain Sweitzer  1-0 And yet another upset! That's 3 and a half...
Bd 22  Bruce Charnov - Maria Murra  1/2-1/2  Another draw for the lower rated player!
Bd 23  Patrick Edwards - William Wijaya  0-1
Bd 24  Ron Rezendes - Ross Blum  1-0
Bd 25  Keith Wetterer - Thomas Kuhn  0-1
Bd 26  Sam Barboo - Alexander Dumadag  0-1 Alex is unrated so we can't really say if this was an upset, but it might be.
Bd 27  Jim Harwell - Chuck Ensey  0-1
Bd 28  Tom Lavoy - Donald Klaas  1/2-1/2 Tom managed a draw against the strong house player Donald  Klaas.
Bye: Thomas Fries, Damani Fair, Ronald Stanard

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