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Gambito #590 12/08/12

Gambito #590  12/08/12

28 players today, including the following in pre-event rating order:
3 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Kyron Griffith and Bruce Baker
7 Experts: Paul Agron, Aaron Wooten, Alan Sebeckis, Leonard Sussman, Jeff Turner, Chris Wonnell and Elkaei Rivera
5 Class A: Buddy Morris, Sridhar Ramanujam, Jay Choi, Jerry Qu and Jerry Cupat
5 Class B: Chuck Ensey, Daniel Zhu, Gary Weeks, Boris Polonsky and Anthony Harbone
4 Class C: Gurveer Singh, Jesse Wang, Stephen Zhu and Fred Cleveland
4 Class D/E: Ganesh Dekate, Andrew Sung, Matthew Wang and Davina Zhu

We used a 3 point McMahon pairing system with M/Exp=3, A=2, B=1 and C/D=0
Here are the prize winners:

First/Second Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (6 1/2) and Kyron Griffith (6 1/2), $80 each
BU2400/2200: Elkaei Rivera (5) and Buddy Morris (5), $60 each
BU2000: Sridhar Ramanujam (4 1/2), $60
BU1800: Chuck Ensey (4 1/2), $60
BU1600: Gurveer Singh (3) and Jesse Wang (3), $30 each
BU1400: Matthew Wang (2 1/2), $40

Total Prizes: $500  

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