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July Super Gambito Open

Gambito #571  July Super Gambito  7/07/12

4 rounds of G/40, d/5, starting at 10:30 AM ,Guaranteed Prize Fund of $700, but we often pay much more if there are more than 32 players. Best game prizes of a book by Cyrus Lakdalawa in each section. SCCF membership of $18 ($10 for juniors) is deducted from your winnings if you aren't already a member. $60 San Diego Chess Club dues ($30 for juniors) are due if you have won over $100 in the last 12 months. Any questions? Call Bruce Baker at the club line 619-239-7166 or email Chuck Ensey at

Awesome turnout as hoped for with 42 players, allowing us to use 3 sections. And some of our frequent players were at the World Open, so 42 is even more impressive... here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (16 players)

6 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Ronald Bruno, Kyron Griffith, Bruce Baker, Peter Graves and Nikolay Arutyunov

10 Experts: Dimitry Kishinevsky, Raoul Crisologo, Aaron Wooten, Leonard Sussman, Bud Stamper, Jeff Turner, Tim McGuinness, Ben Barquin, Elkaei Rivera and Madhavan Vajapeyam

Kyron drew with Cyrus and Bruce, Cyrus also drew with Ron Bruno. Ron drew with Jeff Turner and Cyrus. Tim McGuinness lost to Kyron, but beat Dimitry, Leonard Sussman and Raoul Crisologo. Aaron took a bye and drew with Bruce, he also beat Elkaei and Peter Graves.    

And here are today's winners: (there was a 5-way tie for First)

First Place: Kyron Griffith (3), $88  Second Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3), $88

BU2400: Ron Bruno (3), $88  

BU2200/2nd U2400: Tim McGuiness (3) and Aaron Wooten (3), $88

2nd/3rd U2200: Bud Stamper (2) and Ben Barquin (2), $30 each  

Premier Section (18 players)

6 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Jason Ma, Kenneth Xu, Zechariah Zhu, Pejman Sagart and Chuck Ensey

9 Class B: Rolando Ignacio, Eliza Eggert, Jay Choi, Sam Barboo, Anthony Harbone, Tom Kuhn, Andrew Negus, Daniel Zhu and William Delaney

Plus 3 Class C playing up: Eric Carmichael, Fred Cleveland and Bryan Tanglartharakul

Kenneth drew with Rolando, but beat Anthony, Zech and Jason. Jason beat Sam, Pejman and Eliza. Eliza beat Eric and Chris (nice upset) and Andrew. Eliza has now gone over 1800 by a wide margin (1814 estimated), congratulations to our new Class A player!!

And the prize winners:

BU2000: Kenneth Xu (3 1/2), $90

2nd U2000: Jason Ma (3) and Pejman Sagart (3), $20 each

BU1800: Eliza Eggert (3), $90

2nd/3rd U1800: Jay Choi (2 1/2) and Bryan Tanglartharakul (2 1/2), $30 

Reserve Section (8 players) 

3 Class C: Jesse Wang, Claire Negus and Stephen Zhu

5 Class D: Keric Rivas, Mark Negus, Matthew Wang, Patrick Edwards and Martin Stukan

The very young Martin Stukan of Moscow tied for first despite being the lowest rated player. I guess he is under-rated (ya think?) Well, he gained almost 200 points, so that should help! Jesse and Martin drew in round 2. Jesse won against Claire and Stephen in the last 2 rounds, while Martin took out Mark and Matthew. I think it is fun for these players to have their own section and be winners!  

and the Prize winners were:

BU1600: Jesse Wang (3), $50    BU1400: Martin Stukan (3), $50

2nd U1600: Claire Negus (2 1/2) and Stephen Zhu (2 1/2), $12 each

2nd U1400: Keric Rivas (2 1/2), $25         

Best Game Prize winners: Ben Barquin, Eliza Eggert and Stephen Zhu, $15 each (or book by Cyrus Lakdawala)  

Total Prizes: $965


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