Friday, September 23, 2011

Special 5 Round Super Gambito Oct 1st

Special Super Gambito Open

Saturday 10/01/11   10 AM

5 Rounds, starts early at 10:00 AM, G/40 with 5 second delay. 

$2,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

2 sections, Open and Reserve (U1800)

A slightly disappointing turnout of 33 players, at least 3 players didn't make it due to a really bad traffic jam on the 15 South due to the Miramar Air Show and a fatal car accident.   

Open Section (22 players): 

Players in rating order:

9 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Dionisio Aldama, Bruce Baker, Kyron Griffith, Ron Bruno, Ali Morshedi, Martin Nilsson, Peter Hodges and Varun Krishnan,

5 Experts: Raoul Crisologo, Craig Faber, Alejandrino Baluran, Jamieson Pryor, and Aaron Wooten.

8 Class A: Venkat Iyer, Elkaei Rivera, Chris Wonnell, Joselito Quiba, Pejman Sagart, Esteban Escobedo and Chuck Ensey.  

First/2nd Place: Dionisio Aldama (4 1/2) and Ron Bruno (4 1/2), $275 each

BU2400: Varun Krishnan (3 1/2), $150

2nd U2400: Martin Nilsson (3), Bruce Baker (3) and Kyron Griffith (3), $25 each

BU2200: Craig Faber (3) and Jamieson Pryor (3), $112 each

BU2000: Chris Wonnell (3), $150

2nd U2000: Esteban Escobedo (2 1/2) and Chuck Ensey (2 1/2), $37 each

Biggest Upset Prize, Ron Bruno $15, for win over Cyrus Lakdawala

Best Game Prize: Elkaei Rivera, $15, for win over Alejandrino Baluran

Reserve Section (U1800): 

First Place: Jason Arbeiter (4 1/2), $200    2nd Place: Rolando Ignacio (3 1/2), $120

3rd Place: Albert Dumaran (3) and Anthony Harbone (3), $37 each

BU1600: Jay Choi (3), $150   2nd U1600: Ajay Krishnan (2 1/2), $70  

BU1400: Wili Rivera (2) and Cassidy Liu (2), $50 each

Biggest Upset Prize: Cassidy Liu, $15, for win over David Narevsky.





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