Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Super Gambito

April Super Gambito  (Gambito #512)  4/02/11

26 players, slightly low turnout for a Super Gambito. Saving it up for next week's two day event? Let's hope so. Here were the players today in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (15 players):

3 Masters: Lakdawala, Baker, Griffith. 

4 Experts: Aeria, Mathe, Sussman, Vajapeyam

8 Class A: Pryor, Wonnell, Iyer, Sagart, Ensey, A. Householder, Lucero, Rivera     

Reserve Section (11 players):

5 Class B: Arbeiter, S. Householder, Blank, Harbone, Choi 

6 Class C and below: Siddiqi, Qu, Cleveland, J. Wang, Edwards, M. Wang 

Here were the Prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3 1/2), $125

Second Place/U2400: Chris Wonnell (3) and Kyron Griffith (3), $75 each

U2200/U2000/2nd U2400: Jamieson Pryor (2 1/2), Venkat Iyer (2 1/2) and Leonard Sussman (2 1/2): $58 each

2nd U2200/2nd U2000: Lennart Mathe (2), Manuel Lucero (2) and Aaron Householder (2), $17 each

First Place Reserves (U1800): Jerry Qu (4), $75 

Second Place: Alexander Blank (3), $25    BU1600: Haziq Siddiqi (3), $50  

Second U1600: Patrick Edwards (2) and Fred Cleveland (2), $10 each

Best Game Reserve section: Haziq Siddiqi, $15, for win over Alexander Blank.

Best Game Open section: Madhavan Vajapeyam, $15, for win over Chuck Ensey

Total Prizes: $700



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