Friday, February 4, 2011

Special 5 Round Super Gambito Feb 5th

GAMBITO OPEN #504   Special Super Gambito   2/05/2011


5 Round Swiss, 2 Sections, G/40, with 5 second delay 

37 Total Players, wow, what a great turnout. This was the strongest Gambito Open ever, especially with the 9 Masters. We could have used a few more Experts and certainly some more Class A, but I can't complain. The Reserve Section was also robust and the low $25 entry fee for U1400 attracted 8 Class D players. We also attracted a few out of town players, notably IM Enrico Sevillano and John Bryant. Also Matt Helfst of visited our club and I hope he was impressed. He had a tough day, as did new player Womens FIDE Master Shirin Navabi. I hope they aren't discouraged and come back soon. They both seem to be enjoying themselves despite the tough luck they were having. You can see lots of pictures of this event (and others) by clicking on the link in the comment section at the bottom of this page. (Thanks, Irina!)    


Enrico and Cyrus drew the last game rather quickly to split the top prize. Cyrus explained that the 5 rounds are very tiring and I can't argue that point, it is a brutal schedule. Only the toughest players can keep their minds focused for so long with constant time pressure. I put my Queen "en prise" in the last game when I was just about to run out of time.      


OPEN SECTION (19 players):   

9 MastersIM Enrico Sevillano, IM Cyrus Lakdawala, John Bryant, Ali Morshedi, Bruce Baker, Giovanni Carreto, Kyron Griffith, Varun Krishnan and WFM Shirin Navabi

6 Experts: Rick Aeria, Peter Hodges, Paul Agron, Madhavan Vajapeyam, Chris Wonnell and Jamieson Pryor; plus house players Antonio Gonzalez and Ben Barquin, each played one game and won both of those games. 

4 Class A: Matt Helfst, Chuck Ensey, Reneray Valdez, Srihar Ramanujam


RESERVE SECTION (U1800, 18 players):

5 Class B: Jason Arbeiter, Tom Kuhn, Jim Krooskos, David Narevsky and Anthony Harbone

5 Class C: Andrew Negus, Isaac Vega, Jerry Beck, Eliza Eggert and Claire Negus. Chris Kuttruff filled in for a couple of house games, he won one and lost one.

8 U1400: Stanford Talcott, Fred Cleveland, Irina Nizmutdinova, Darryl Woodson, Keric Rivas, Patrick Edwards, Andres Villanueva and David Xu. Plus Mark Negus played two house games, and won one of them.  


Prize Winners:

Open Section

First/Second Place: Enrico Sevillano (4) and Cyrus Lakdawala (4), $275 each 

BU2400: Bruce Baker (3 1/2) and Kyron Griffith (3 1/2), $112 each

BU2200: Chris Wonnell (2 1/2), Rick Aeria (2 1/2) and Peter Hodges (2 1/2), $75 each

BU2000: Reneray Valdez (2 1/2), $150

2nd U2000: Sridhar Ramanujam (2), $75  

Biggest Upset Prize, Reneray Valdez, $15, for win over WFM Shirin Navabi 

Best Game Prize, $15, goes to Enrico Sevillano for win over Bruce Baker


Reserve Section

First Place: Jason Arbeiter (4 1/2), $200

Second/Third Place: Jim Krooskos (3 1/2), Tom Kuhn (3 1/2) and Anthony Harbone (3 1/2), $65 each

BU1600: Andres Villanueva (3 1/2), $150

2nd U1600: Andrew Negus (3), Jerry Beck (3) and Claire Negus (3), $23

BU1400: Fred Cleveland (2), Stanford Talcott (2) and Keric Rivas (2), $33 each

Biggest Upset Prize, Andres Villanueva, $15, for win over Isaac Vega. Honorable mention to Mark Negus for a win over Jerry Beck, but as a house player he wasn't eligible for the upset prize. 

Best Game Prize, $15, goes to Tom Kuhn for win over David Narevsky

1. f4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.e3 Bg4 4.h3 Bxf3 5.Qxf3 e6 6.b3 g6 7.Bb2 Bg7 8.g4 0-0 9.c4 c6 10.Na3 Re8 11.Be2 Nd7 12.cxd5 exd5 13.Nc2 a5 14.f5 a4 15.0-0 Ne4? 16.fxg6 f5 17.gxh7+ Kxh7? 18.Qxf5+ Kh8 19.Qh5+ 1-0



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