Sunday, October 3, 2010

David Hart Open Round 1

David Hart Open Round 1 of 6  10/06/10  7 PM

This month we honor NM David Hart, one of our players who harks back to the earliest days of the club in the 1960's and 70's. Back then he was just a Class B player, but with hard work and diligence he rose up through the ranks to become one of the best players at the club, and certainly one of the most well liked. Although many people have felt the sharp bite of his acerbic wit and you can say he doesn't suffer fools gladly, still there isn't a mean bone in his body and he is friends with just about everyone at the club. Wish him well the next time you see him...     

In this event you can choose to play in a Fast Division (G/90, a 3 hour game) or a Slow Division at our usual time control of 40/90, SD/60 (a 5 hour game). 

Entry Fee is $25, two byes are allowed, so it is not too late to join the fun. Just email Chuck Ensey at to enter this event or call the club phone at 619-239-7166.   

The Nascar Section, G/90 (over 2000 rating)

Bd 1  Bruce Baker - Bill Whitney  1-0

Bd 2  Aaron Wooten - David Hart  1/2-1/2

Bd 3  Alejandrino Baluran - Jim Humphrey  1/2-1/2

Bd 4  Nikolay Arutyunov - Antonio Gonzalez  1-0

The Street Racer Section, G/90 (1600 - 1999 rating)

Bd 5  Alfredo Deleon - Edgar Lopez  1-0

Bd 6  Philip Skiba - Dayne Freitag  1-0

Bd 7  Matt Souza - Hector Gonzalez  0-1

Bd 8  Sam Barboo - Buddy Morris  0-1

Bd 9  Shaun Sweitzer - Mark Lawless  1-0

Bd 10  Dan Press - Chris Wonnell  0-1

Bd 11  Chuck Ensey - Donald Klaas  1/2-1/2

Bye: Jim Krooskos, Leonardo Villaverde

The Demolition Derby Section, G/90 (U1600)

Bd 12  Darryl Woodson - Jerry Qu  0-1

Bd 13  Morgan Fox - Monica Ness  1-0

Bd 14  Daniel Sun - Irina Nizmutdinova  0-1

Bd 15  Santi Pinon - Tygan Zeng  1-0

Bd 16  Ronald Stanard - Tom Lavoy  0-1

Bd 17  Bill Murray - Albert Duman  0-1

Time Guzzler Jalopy Section (40/90, SD/60):

Bd 20  Mario Amodeo - Joe Rieker  1-0

Bd 21  Guru Gopalakrishan - Tim McGuiness  0-1

Bd 22  David Saponara - Eric Tuttle  1-0

Bd 23  Tom Kuhn - Gary Tuttle  1-0

Bd 24  Bruce Charnov - Anthony Harbone  1-0

Bd 25  Fred Cleveland - Greta Duhamel  1-0

Bye: Lennart Mathe, Joel Batchelor, Jonathan Centers

 Time delay is 5 seconds for all sections...  




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