Sunday, April 11, 2010

SCCF Senior/Junior Open

SCCF Senior/Junior Open, or the Over/Under 50 Tournament   

$3,200 in Prizes paid out!!

Enhanced Prize Fund, thanks to several generous donors...

April 10th & 11th at the San Diego Chess Club in Balboa Park

Senior Section (over 50 years old)

26 players in rating order include 3 Masters: Bruce Baker, Peter Graves, Avram Zaydenberg; 5 Experts: Raoul Crisologo, Leonard Sussman, Michael Nagaran, Alejandrino Baluran, Charles Gelinas; 5 Class A: Dennis Saccuzzo, Chris Wonnell, David Delgadillo, Rick Dyberg, Daniel Collins; 5 Class B: Alfredo Deleon, Ronaldo Salenga, Chuck Ensey, Kimberly Ogden, Anthony Harbone; 5 Class C:Wilfredo Lapurga, Libano Rodriguez, Fred Cleveland, Steven Dahl, Stanford Talcott; 3 Class D: Armando Garcia, James Hillard, Gary Wright.  

18 out of the 26 players won money due to the numerous prizes. For those who missed this event, put it on your calendar for next year - this is NOT one you want to miss!! Peter Graves is the SCCF Senior Champion for 2010, he scored 4 wins, allowing a draw only to Leonard Sussman. The most critical win was a last round defeat of the #1 rated player Bruce Baker. If Bruce had won the game he would have been Champion with 4 points, all alone in first place with 7 other players trailing at 3 1/2! The loss cost him $280, as with only 3 points he won nothing. Lower rated players snapped up the 2nd and 3rd place prizes, plus the U2400 and 2nd U2400. A round 1 loss to Alfredo Deleon (who also once beat Cyrus Lakdawala) also hurt Bruce's prospects. As it was, Peter took home the big First Place prize and bragging rights for one year. Peter also defeated NM Avram Zaydenberg in round 3.     

The logjam for 2nd Place included Zaydenberg, 3 Experts and also a two Class A players, Chris Wonnell and David Delgadillo. David did particularly well, defeating Expert Raoul Crisologo, and drawing with Experts Michael Nagaran and Leonard Sussman.  

First Place: Peter Graves (4 1/2), $280

2nd/3rd/U2400/U2200/U2000/2ndU2400: Avram Zaydenberg (3 1/2), Leonard Sussman (3 1/2), David Delgadillo (3 1/2), Michael Nagaran (3 1/2), Chris Wonnell (3 1/2), Alejandrino Baluran (3 1/2), $106 each

2nd U2200: Raoul Crisologo (3), $40  2nd U2000: Rick Dyberg (3), $40

BU1800/2ndU1800: Alfredo Deleon (2 1/2) and Ronaldo Salenga (2 1/2), $80 each

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (2 1/2), $80   Best Over 60 years old: Daniel Collins (2 1/2), $80

Best Over 70 years old: Armando Garcia (2), $80

2nd U1600: Steven Dahl (2), $40

B1400/2nd U1400: James Hillard (1 1/2) and Gary Wright (1 1/2), $40 each

Best Over 80 years old: Anthony Harbone (1), $80

"Junior" Section (under age 50)

27 players, in rating order: 3 masters: Jeff Arnold, Ken Arnold, Kyron Griffith; 3 Experts: Craig Clawitter, Varun Krishnan, Alan Tsoi; 10 Class A: Peter Hodges, Madhavan Vajapeyam, Esteban Escobedo, Roberto Aiello, Jamieson Pryor, John Badger, Mario Vinoya, Matt Souza, Simone Sobel, Charlie Berkman; 2 Class B: Yash Pershad, Datris Robinson; 3 Class C: Alexander Blank, Tom Kuhn, Victor Delgadillo; 6 Class D and below: Edgar Lopez, Jerry Qu, Ryan Valley, Derek Williams, Kristian Rosas (unr) and Ross Rosas (unr).  

First Place/2nd Place/U2400: Jeff Arnold (4), Peter Hodges (4) and Varun Krishnan (4), $187 each

3rd Place: Ken Arnold (3 1/2), $80       Best Under 16 years old: Kyron Griffith (3 1/2), $80

BU2200: Alan Tsoi (3 1/2), $120         BU2000: Esteban Escobedo (3 1/2), $120

2nd U2400/2nd U2200/2ndU2000: Craig Clawitter (3), Roberto Aiello (3), Jamieson Pryor (3) and Charlie Berkman (3), $30 each

BU1800/1600: Alexander Blank (2 1/2) and Datris Robinson (2 1/2), $100 each

Best Under 20 years old: Edgar Lopez (2), $80

BU1400: Ryan Valley (1 1/2), $60

2nd U1800/Best Under 12 years old: Yash Pershad (1 1/2) and Jerry Qu (1 1/2), $60 each

2nd U1600: Tom Kuhn (1), $40     2nd U1400: none       

Great Tournament, 53 players total, thanks everybody. More comments tomorrow night...     




  1. Bruce Baker scored 3 which is better than Daniel Collins' 21/2 for best over 60 ($80 prize). Is Bruce less than 60? Just wondering why the $80 was not awarded to him.


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