Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blitz Chess Friday 2/26/10 7 PM

2/26/10  Blitz Chess 7 PM

This was an unrated speed chess tournament with a time control of G/7 with 2 second delay. There were 8 rounds, we tried to have two sections, but there weren't enough players rated U1800. 1 Master (Griffith), 3 Experts (Tsoi, Gonzalez, Baluran), 8 Class A (Milton, Orozco, Arutyunov, Smith, Whitney, Escobedo, Pryor, Abdoli), 3 Class B (Ensey, Kuhn, Mitchell) 5 Class C (E Lopez, Kuttruff, Krooskos, Roberts and Ricca)   

First Place: Alan Tsoi (6), $20  2nd Place: Antonio Gonzalez (6) , $20

BU2000: Jesus Orozco (6), $20 

2nd U2000: Bill Whitney (5), Carey Milton (5), Nikolay Arutyunov (5) and Eric Smith (5), $4 each

BU1800: Chuck Ensey (3 1/2), $20    BU1600: Christopher Kuttruff (3 1/2), $20 

Due to popular demand, we hope to have more frequent blitz tournaments and a few action rated tournaments too. You can log on to the message board and state your preference for the best day and time to have these events. We are considering Sunday afternoon, and also Thursday night, but any other weeknight might due. Friday is 1st choice because most people don't have to get up early and work the next day. But will it hurt Gambito attendance? We will see...    


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