Monday, February 2, 2009

Jesse Orlowski: Player of the Month for January '09


Jesse Orlowski, 14, is the San Diego Chess Club's January Player of the Month.  Jesse wins this honor over a star-studded field which includes Pejman Sagart, Karen Kaufman and the incomparable Carey Milton all of which finished high in the polling for the title.

Jesse has an original and unique style of play where he makes up his own 'opening theory' then plays and adjusts his openings to the degree of success (or failure) as he sees fit.  This undoiubtedly under the tutelage of his long-time coach and mentor Master Bruce Baker.

Like his mentor, Jesse also plays each game with incredible intensity seeking victory but more importantly, finding the truth of the position.  At one recent Gambito, Jesse took a hard loss to one of our higher ranked experts, veteran Raoul Crisologo.  Jesse was hunched quietly over the position for many minutes after the game ended. If you witnessed that scene you could sense the commitment that Jesse puts into his game and it sends a cold shiver down your spine.

Our young player of the month may be headed for Los Angeles for the US Amateur Team West  with a junior team probably comprising of Kyron Griffith, Daniel Grazian and Alan Tsoi this February 14-16.  This means that there will be at least two SDCC teams and possibly a third team.  My advice to the youngsters is:  Take a reserve player, just in case.

An anonymous donor has put up $25 for Jesse's winning the player of the month award and this will be presented to him at the next Gambito # 407!

Congratulations to Jesse Orlowski - SDCC's Player of the Month for January '09.



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