Thursday, January 15, 2009

Round Two Results of the Markowski Qualifier

Round 2 Results

Well this was not "The Night of the Iguana" but it was sure ugly - for the top seeds anyway! The first six boards suffered some kind of setback for the top rated players. So after a brief two rounds, here are the early tournament leaders at 2-0: Ignacio Sainz, Alejandro Garamendi, Ben Barquin, Fawsi Murra, Jr., Pejman Sagart, Alejandrino Baluran, Manuel Herrera, Lennart Mathe and David Delgadillo!

Board 1   Mario Amodeo (1) v Bruce Baker (1)  (1/2-1/2)

Last game to finish for the night and 'Super Mario' holds off top seed Bruce Baker in a titanic struggle!

Board 2  Ben Barquin (1) v Robert Richard (1) 1-0

A stunning upset of yet another master by wily expert Ben!

Board 3  Peter Bisgaard (1) v Brad Salz (1) 1/2-1/2

Board 4  Jamieson Pryor (1)  v Eric Montany (1) 1/2-1/2

A most entertaining endgame struggle to which both participants must be lauded.

Board 5  Jeff Turner (1) v Rick Aeria (1)  1/2-1/2

Lakdawala Labs, Inc. outfitted Jeff Turner with a camouflaged Torre Attack.  From a slightly superior position Jeff's draw offer was readily accepted.

Board 6  Leonard Sussman (1)  v Fawsi Murra, Jr (1)  0-1

Fawsi grabs a share of the lead by beating Sussman with the black pieces.

Board 7  Thomas Fries(1)  v Ignacio Sainz (1) (1)  0-1

Ignacio Sainz also joins the leaders at 2-0!

Board 8 Alejandro Garamendi (1)  v Roberto Aiello (1)  1-0

Roberto put up a valiant struggle an exchange down but Garamendi brought home a full point.

Board 9  George Zeigler (1)  v Paul Agron  (1) 1/2-1/2

This encounter was marred in the latter stages by a noisy altercation.  After the TD intervened, a draw was agreed.

Board 10 Raoul Crisologo (1) v Pejman Sagart  (1) 0-1

Pejman scores a big upset with a sparkling combination! Game will be published in a later blog.

Board 11  Fausto Robles (1)  v  Carey Milton (1)  1/2-1/2

Fausto found himself in a difficult endgame of queen versus Carey's two rooks but extricated himself with a perpetual check..

Board 12 Robert Draper (1)  v  Alejandrino Baluran (1)   0-1

The 'Balladeer' joins the leaders with a perfect 2-0 score!

Board 13 Manuel Herrera (1)  v  Alfredo Deleon (1) 1-0

Board 14 Joel Batchelor (1)  v Lennart Mathe (1)   0-1

Lennart beats the club's undisputed Class 'B' champion and quietly joins the tournament leaders.

Board 15 David Delgadillo (1) v Ron Soto (1)  1-0

A huge win for "El Mariachi" David Delgadillo over the dangerous Ron Soto to stand amongst the tournament leaders.

Board 16  David Hart (1/2)  v Theron Pummer (House)  1-0

Master David Hart improves his score with a steady win over up-and-comer Theron.

Board 17 Bassam Shammas( 1/2)  v Nestor Dagamat (1/2)  1-0

Bassam returns to his winning ways at Nestor's expense.

Board 18 John Funderburg (1/2)  v  William Wijaya (1/2)   1-0

After a 1/2 bye in round one, the 'Thunderbird' opens his account with a brilliancy against William Wijaya. Game will be published shortly.

Board 19  Jerry Soelberg (1/2) v  Mariano Lozano (1/2)   0-1

Board 20 Phillip Roth (1/2)  v Fred Borges (1/2)  1-0

Board 21 Robert Defore (1/2)  v Steve Perry (1/2)  1-0

Robert Defore makes his bid for qualification early by dropping Steve Perry.

Board 22  Dayne Freitag (1/2)  v Kirk Branner (house)  1-0

Board 23  Jason Qu (1/2)  v Karen Kaufmann (1/2)  0-1

This upset was a stunner! Karen beats one of the young stars of the club!

Board 24 Jens Lundell (1/2) v Patrick Edwards (1/2)  1-0

Board 25 Damani Fair(1/2)  v Darryl Woodson (1/2)  1-0

Damani stays in the qualification hunt with this victory!

Board 26 Shaun Sweitzer (1/2) v Matt Souza (1/2) 1-0

Board 27 Keith Wetterer (1/2)  v Carl Wagner (0)  0-1

Keith was unfortunate to be paired with master Carl Wagner who was hungry for a point against anyone.

Board 28  Ron Rezendes (0)  v Datris Robinson (0)  1-0

The club president scores his first win of the new year.

Board 29 Robert Samuel (0) v Chuck Ensey (0)   0-1

The club "Veep" also scores his first win of this tournament.

Board 30 Buddy Morris (0)  v Morgan Fox  (0) 1-0

Sentimental favorite Buddy Morris posts his first point over Morgan Fox.

Board 31 Donald Klaas (0)  v Michael Ryan (0)  1-0

Board 32 James Coulston (0) v Brian Kelly (0)  1-0

Board 33 Caley Anderson (0)  v Cristian Garcia (0) 1-0

Board 34 Hector Gonzalez (0) v Bill Murray (0) 0-1

Board 35 Tom Lavoy (0) v Julian Rodriguez (0) 0-1

Board 36 Tom Kuhn (0) v  Fausto Robles,(0) Jr  0-1

Board 37 Larry Vikander (0) v  Erik Marquis  (0) 0-1

Board 38 Steve Gordon (0)  v Anthony Harbone (0)  0-1

Board 39 Anthony Arciga (0)  v Glenn Rose (0) 1-0

Board 40 Michael Friedel(0)  v Jerry Kavanau (0)   0-1

Board 41 Mark Lawless (0)  v Maria Elena Villarreal (house) 1-0

Board 42 Carolina Villarreal (house) v Michael Wang (0) 1-0

Byes:  Jim Humphrey (1)  1/2, James Mahooti (1) 1/2, Marty Lower (1/2) 1/2, Rocio Murra (1/2) 1/2, Mayra Murra (0) 1/2, Yair Soto (0) 1/2

Total Players = 88, plus some house players. Filling in as a house player in Rd 2 were Theron Pummer, Kirk Branner, Maria Elena Villarreal and Carolina Villarreal. Kevin Gassaway withdrew after round 1.   

Special thanks to TD Chuck Ensey for providing this information.



  1. Kudos as always to Chuck and his witty and often insightful commentary.

  2. Actually Rick wrote this one up. There were a lot of upsets in this round if you count lower rated players earning draws against the top guns. Plus a lot of real big upset wins by Barquin, Sagart and Kaufman. Fawsi Jr's win over Sussman wasn't a huge upset as he is pretty high rated himself, but Lenny doesn't lose very many games, he is well known for his defensive skills. James Coulston ("Jake" the snake) upset Brian Kelly on Bd 32, Brian is almost 300 point higher. And Bill Murray got a nice win over the higher rated Hector Gonzalez. Finally Fausto Robles Jr (1249, although it is provisional) also upset Class B player Tom Kuhn. I can't remember having so many upsets in an early round like this. Stay tuned there is probably more to come.


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