Thursday, January 8, 2009

Results of Round 1 of the Markowski Tournament

Over eighty players registered in the first round making this one of the best attended chess events in recent years.  The possibility of reaching even ninety players by next week for round two will surpass the Markowski Tournament record set in 2004.


Five masters headed the list, the big upset came from board three when Master Carl Wagner was up-ended by house player Julie Desch-O'Neill who was visiting from Fort Worth, Texas.  Some of you will remember Julie as the former editor of Chess Life.  Still others amongst you will remember Julie as the San Diego Chargers cheerleader from the 1970's.


The small upset was Master David Hart being held to a draw by another house player Robert Belenzon.   Bob was a longtime member of the chess club from the 1970's and 1980's.  


Round 1 Results


Bd 1  NM Bruce Baker – Ron Rezendes  1-0

Bd 2  Chuck Ensey – NM Nick Schoonmaker  0-1

Bd 3  NM Carl Wagner – Julie O’Neill  0-1

Bd 4  Robert Belenzon – NM David Hart  1/2  – 1/2 

Bd 5  NM Robert Richard – Buddy Morris  1-0

Bd 6  William Wijaya – Bassam Shammas  1/2 – 1/2

Bd 7 Eric Montany – Helmut Keil  1-0

Bd 8  Fawsi Jose Murra – Peter Bisgaard  0-1

Bd 9  Rick Aeria – Donald Klaas  1-0

Bd 10  Brian Kelly – Leonard Sussman  0-1

Bd 11  Ignacio Sainz – Caley Anderson  1-0

Bd 12  Rocio Murra – Alejandro Garamendi  0-1

Bd 13  Carey Milton – Hector Gonzalez  1-0

Bd 14  Julian Rodriguez – George Zeigler  0-1

Bd 15  Alejandrino Baluran – Tom Kuhn  1-0

Bd 16  Erik Marquis – Manuel Herrera  0-1

Bd 17  Lennart Mathe – Kevin Gassaway  1-0

Bd 18  Anthony Harbone – Raoul Crisologo  0-1

Bd 19  Ron Soto – Anthony Arciga  1-0

Bd 20  Jerry Kavanau – Jim Humphrey  0-1

Bd 21  James Mahooti – Mark Lawless  1-0

Bd 22  Datris Robinson – Mario Amodeo  0-1

Bd 23  Brad Salz – Robert Samuel  1-0

Bd 24 Mayra Murra – Ben Barquin  0-1

Bd 25  Fawsi Murra Jr – Morgan Fox  1-0

Bd 26  Michael Ryan – Jeff Turner  0-1

Bd 27  Paul Agron – James Coulston  1-0

Bd 28  Karen Kaufman – Robert Defore  ½ - ½

Bd 29  Roberto Aiello – Tom Lavoy  1-0

Bd 30  Bill Murray – Tom Fries  0-1

Bd 31  Jamieson Pryor – Larry Vikander  1-0

Bd 32  Cristhian Garcia – Fausto Robles  0-1

Bd 33  Alfredo Deleon – Fausto Robles Jr  1-0

Bd 34  Darryl Woodson – Shaun Sweitzer  ½ - ½

Bd 35  Pejman Sagart – Steve Gordon  1-0

Bd 36  Glenn Rose – Robert Draper  0-1

Bd 37  Joel Batchelor – Michael Friedel  1-0

Bd 38  Yair Soto – David Delgadillo 0-1 (Updated 1/09/2009)

Bye: John Funderberg, Jason Qu, Jens Lundell, Damani Fair, Marty Lower, Fred Borges, Kirk Branner, Keith Wetterer

Total Players: 80, plus 4 house players (Schoonmaker, O’Neill, Belenzon, Keil)  

Collated and furnished courtesy of Chuck Ensey

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  1. David Delgadillo won the game on Bd 38, I must have left off that last result as I dosed off to sleep at 2 AM...Hart's game with Belenzon seemed to take forever. I thought Dave was going to win, but in the Rook ending he wasn't able to make his extra pawn count, but he tried very hard. Besides the upsets that Rick highlighted above there were a few other ones. Despite the 400 to 600 point rating differentials, our lower rated players were not intimidated and put up great fights, even in the ones they lost (like mine). Karen Kaufman played a fabulous game, and a very long one. It is very hard to keep coming up with the right moves against an opponent rated so much higher, but she did, playing a wonderful ending, as both players Queened pawns and it went on for quite a bit longer too and even more pawns were about to Queen before a draw was finally agreed! Also Darryl Woodson earned a long hard fought draw with Shaun Sweitzer. And William Wijaya was able to draw with Bassam Shammas, a very tough opponent for anyone to play. So the Markowski is off and running, it was great to see the playing hall filled with so many excited players and I hope we get a bunch more for Round 2. I set up a few extra tables to accommodate more players while I was waiting for the last games to end. And I hope to get to learn how to use this new website better over the next week or so... Thanks, Chuck PS I like how you can edit your posts after they are written, unlike the MSN site...
    PPS You can find the TENTATIVE pairings for Round 2 under the Notes for the Markowski


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