Saturday, January 17, 2009

Poll: Who is the Greatest Player?

Who do you consider to be the greatest chess player of all time?

Bobby Fischer

Gary Kasparov

Alexander Alekhine

J. R. Capablanca

Vishy Anand

It's time for another poll.  If you do not agree with the choices given add a comment by clicking on the "Reply" icon below and tell us why.

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  1. I voted for Kasparov but Lasker would be my second choice. For some reason he was omitted from the choices. Chessmetrics lists 1.Kasparov 2.Fischer 3.Capablanca 4.Lasker 5.Botvinnik 6.Alekhine 7.Karpov 8.Anand 9.Kramnik 10.Pillsbury. The list has not been updated in a while so Anand may have moved up. In reality though Rybka is the strongest player at 3200. When coupled with a powerful book it can reach 3336. It is hard to begrudge it the status of greatest chessplayer just because it is not human. It is not reasonable to hold it against it that it has not played in elite tournaments as it would never be permitted by the other players. It is doubtful that whoever you chose would even win one game in a 16 game match. The Elo difference equates to a 96% share of the games. The expected game points of Kasparov at his peak out of 16 games .64. That is less than one win.


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