Sunday, January 25, 2009


Excluding planes most of the noise during rounds comes from the squeeking of chairs as players get up and sit down.

Carpeting would reduce this noise substantially and muffle much of the other ambient sound resulting in fewer noise distractions and better play.

There are downsides of course, but carpeting the playing area should be an interesting discussion topic. Has this come up in the past?

Jeff Turner


  1. I like the noise reducing properties of carpet, this is a new idea as far as I know and Jeff should be complimented for trying to create some new solutions. The drawbacks I see are as follows: 1) With the roof still leaking, it is hard to justify any improvments that would just be damaged by ongoing leaks. We really MUST get a new roof before we adress any other improvements in my view 2) The linoleum floors although not that attractive, unless they are recently cleaned and waxed, can take a beating and still be cleaned. I fear a carpet would become very ugly rather quickly. The coffee spills and dirt that seem to spoil the floor soon after it is waxed by Bruce and crew would be more permanently ground into a carpet and much more difficult to clean. The fact that the floor gets dirty so quickly after Bruce cleans it is evidence that a carpet might not be able to stand up to this abuse.
    However I would like to look at getting better chairs. The current ones also seem unable to stand up to our abuse, the older one are falling apart rapidly with broken crossbars and the new ones seem to lose their floor tips and once lost these can't be put back on. I tried the rubber tips sold at Home Depot and these fit on nicely, but they don't work as well as I had hoped. We get these chairs at Costco and they are fairly cheap, so I guess we can just keep replacing them every few years, but I am wondering if it might be more cost effective to get a more expensive, but longer lasting chair. I am going to look at the alternatives and report back soon.

  2. I'm with Chuck on this one, I think. People just spill far too often for a carpet to work. I think the problem is that some people haven't used the silent method of getting up, wherein a player lifts his body weight from the chair without moving it, then lifts the whole chair up with his hands, then moves the chair backwards, placing it back on the ground. But that's difficult for folks who aren't the most physically limber.

  3. Carpet simply doesn't work well with liquids. Tile is easy to clean no matter what hits it and if you have ever seen the place during a rainy weekend event you know how bad it can get. Also, during summer camps when the kids are there it gets pretty bad as well.

  4. Great point Jeff. No it never has to my knoweledge. Of course, doing it would be another financial consideration, but probably worth it. tHANKS!! cAREY


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