Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gambito #404

Gambito Open #404  1/17/09

17 players today, light turnout most likley due to several players traveling to Los Angeles for the Western Class Championships (Bryant, Householder and Wijaya were a few of the names I noticed on the advanced registration list). We used a "mini"-McMahon with players rated 1800 and above getting one bye point and those rated under 1800 getting zero bye points. This saves the first round from being a total mismatch. Winners were as follows:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (5), $100     BU2400: Ben Barquin (4), $50       

BU2200: Marlon Icban (3 1/2), $40            2nd Place: Leonard Sussman (3), $20

BU2000: Edgardo Navera (3), $40             BU1800: Jason Arbeiter (3), $40

BU1600: Mike Friedel (1), $30                  Total Prizes = $320  



  1. what's the current rating of this sensational players? can i nominate ben barq's player of the month for jan '09?

  2. Ben was 1965 before this event. In this event he beat me, Chuck Ensey, in Round 1 (getting revenge for a loss to me in #402), then he drew with Expert Leonard Sussman in Round 2, and then drew again in Rd 3 with strong Class A player Paul Agron. In Rd 4 he beat Edgardo Navera, who had just upset Ariel Gerardo in Rd 3. All the other Experts had to play Cyrus (and lost), so Ben got a bit lucky with the parings. I don't think he qualifies for Player of the Month yet, partly because he lost all three games he played in Gambito #402. But I am sure he appreciates the nomination! It is still possible - if he does great in the next two Gambito Opens and continues to do well in the Markowski. He is tied for First Place there, but we have only played two games. Last week he upset NM Robert Richard, so that was pretty darn good. Let's see what happens in Rd 3...

  3. There are a lot of players in the hunt for "Player of the Month" in January but as Chuck mentioned it is too early to tell. I would like to mention a few candidates: Pejman Sagart is having a good January and his upset win and combination over Raoul Crisologo stands out; John "Thunderbird" Funderburg played a nice brilliancy against William Wijaya in Round Two; Benjy Barquin is certainly in the hunt and so is Karen Kaufman with her stunning upset over Jason Qu.

  4. yeh, i forgot P.J Sagart. he's having a good season.. i just hope he won't give me hard "time" when we meet on wednesday..just in case...both of us have a high regard with each other. anymore nominations?

    P.J. congrats for last nights game. another points for your nominations. another expert on your list in the expense of fausto robles. I was lucky not to be paired against you!! chezzedd buzzed....

    Note: would like to withdraw P.J.'s nomination as POM 'coz he evade me playing last night's 4th round. heh..heh... just kidding!!

  5. Don't forget Jesse Orlowski, he beat NM Avram Zaydenberg in Gambito #402 and became an Expert.

  6. Hi guys. Where is the gambito 405? I noticed that after 404, the next tourney this saturday is 406. Do you have the result of the last Gambito (405)? I'm forever SDCC follower.

    Thanks so much,

    Sonny Lunas

  7. Hi Sonny, it is GREAT to hear from you, we all miss you, but a glad you can keep up with the goings on thru this website. We are not quite used to it yet, so it has been taking longer to post stuff. Bruce is not able to post yet, but hopefully he will be up to speed soon....Are you in the Phillipines still? Chuck

  8. Yes Chuck: Sonny is in P.I. Nice to hear from you! will call you next year, might be in Manila soon!! Chess Balladeer.

  9. thanks Chuck and Ed! I am planning on my come back soon. I am just honing my skills (if i have one,he.he.he) so i wont be humiliated again by kids there especially Varun. Well, i hope i can still get a draw with him. I've never been out of the loop. I basically followed every write ups you guys made. It is really great to feel that i've been once part of SDCC, the best club i have ever been. Hope to see you guys soon. Sonny

  10. Sonny, send me message through my e-mail ( so that I can pass to you what's happening here in San Diego and National City Chess Players. Regards to GM Laylo, GM Antonio and others that we know. Chessbuzz..ed (P.O.M. April '08).


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