Sunday, November 16, 2008

Varun is an Expert!

Congratulations to Varun Krishnan who went up to 2004 in the Super Double Gambito!! We are all proud of our local phenom...  


  1. Varun The Conqueror just emailed me and informed that he won the U2000 section of the American Open with a 6.5 score out of 8. Luckily his official rating was just under 2000 and was allowed to play in the section. Congrats to Varun!

    I havent't seen the wall charts yet and don't know how other San Diego players did. Ron Bruno, James Mahooti, Jason Qu, Kyron Griffith and a few others played over the weekend.

  2. Forgot to mention. I will go through his eight games and pick the best ones for annotation for the website over the next week.

  3. Congratulations to all the local players who did well and especially Varun for making Expert!

    Ron Rezendes Jr.
    President, SDCC


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