Monday, November 3, 2008


Im surprised I have not seen any messages on Enrico being on the cover on this months' ChessLife. I got my copy this weekend. Good for him. Just letting you guys know.
Anyways, enjoy.


  1. Congratulations Enrico, that's so awesome to have one of our players on the cover of chess life. Next time it'll be Cyrus. Also, in this issue of Chess Life the Lev Alburt annotated game is from the Gambito. (between Rob Dolan and Joselito Penaflor). This is great for our club: high profile in high profile chess magazine!

  2. We can all be proud of Enrico's accomplishments, he is our hero. He was trying to make it to the Super Double Gambito, which he won the last two years, but was unable to make it this year. Maybe he can be there for the 400th Gambito, which is only a one day event coming up soon. Please mark it on your calendar, December 13th, a 5 round Gambito (starts early at 10 AM to squeeze in the extra round) with $2,300 in prizes based on 46 players (the number we had at the Super Double).  


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