Thursday, June 26, 2008

2nd IM Norm for Elliot Liu

Elliot just scored his second IM norm today at the New England Masters. He passed the IM mark by a full point and was only a half point shy of a GM norm. Will get some of his games from the tournament and maybe jointly annotate them.


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  2. Congratulations Elliot!!

    We're all pulling for you! How soon until we see number 3?

    Ron Rezendes Jr
    President, SDCC

  3. Does spelling count? The NY Times (the paper of record) has it Elliot Liu, USCF Elliott Liu. We could just ask him, but I say we vote on it.

  4. Elliott gained 83 rating points at the Marshall NY International. 2298-> 2381 It's almost impossible to gain 83 pts in one tournament at his level.

  5. IM Gonzalez - Liu ... see Cyrus Annotates a very good game

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  7. Impressive victory indeed. It's instructive to see minor positional mistakes and wasted tempi get exploited so viciously.

    9. ... Nf8 is a master's move (plus the top scorer in my TWIC-centric database for what it's worth).

    For white, 14. Nd5 looks better than Ne4 -- both much better than Nb5?.

    17 ... Bg5 is also a very nice move (Cyrus' annotations do influence me to be sure) It looks like opening the h file in all lines (taking on g5) is poor for white.

    It's actually hard to believe this guy's rating isn't higher given some of the games I've seen him play. Does he commonly play rated games with Milton and fall for cheap-o's? Is it teenage volatility (hormones and the like)? Whatever it is, he's nowhere near his peak rating.

  8. Elliot is underrated. He doesn't play as well in the Gambito style Game/45 format. HIs strongest control is 40/2hrs. As with most younger players his rating still has to catch up to his strength. But his last 2 tournaments should put him well above 2400 USCF and more importantly, over 2400 Fide. This would get us by the norm requirement which is to go over 2400 Fide if you are going for the IM title. Most players going for IM and GM titles have much more difficulty getting over the norm rating than getting the 3 required norms.

  9. Elliott is over 2400 on USCF's list now, I don't know about FIDE...Congrats!

  10. Looks like he is 2356 FIDE, so still some work to do. What a long way he has come though...


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