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'06 Summer Sws & RR

2006 Summer Swiss and Masters Round Robin

Masters Round Robin by Rick Aeria


     1  2  3  5  6  Pts Place 
 1  Dr. Carl Wagner   X  1/2  1/2  1/2  1  1  3 1/2  1-3
 2  Dr. Adam Corper  1/2  X  1/2  1/2  1  1  3 1/2  1-3
 3  Todd Smith  1/2  1/2  X  1/2  1  1  3 1/2  1-3
 4  Rick Aeria  1/2  1/2  1/2  X  1/2  1/2  2 1/2  4th
 5  Bruce Baker  0  0  0  1/2  X  1  1 1/2  5th
 6  Dimitry Kishinevsky  0  0  0  1/2  0  X     1/2  6th


Round 5 Report (July 26th, 2006) The club jokesters were having a good time amongst themselves over the Wagner-Smith game. Two veritable behemoths ponderously flexing their gigantic muscles, posing, threatening..and then walking off with a draw.

The Dimitry Kishinevsky-Aeria game also drew some interest as Dimitry gave up (lost?) an exchange for a pawn but then started to put up a terrific defence after I started to play inaccurately. The advantage see-sawed back and forth until I obtained a "fortress" in the endgame with a rook and two pawns versus Dimitry's lone Queen and the game was drawn.


The heartbreaker was the Baker-Corper game. Bruce gained a small edge against Adam's Semi-Slav but then impetuously weakened his pawns by advancing his h-pawn too far. Adam staved off the attack and in the Queen pawn endgame picked off a pawn. This still should have been drawn with best play but Bruce who is still recovering from a nasty cold fell behind on the clock and erred in the fifth hour of play.

The two leaders, doctors Adam Corper and Carl Wagner, will play their unplayed fourth round game next week on August 2nd to determine the winner. [NOTE: This last game was drawn]

Round 4 Report (July 19, 2006) At the time of this writing (July 20) The Adam Corper-Carl Wagner game has been delayed by Adam being out-of-town on vacation. This is an important game in regard to the standings as Wagner had a share of the lead with Todd Smith in the prior round.

Todd Smith played an essentially solid, error-free game against Rick Aeria and even enjoyed the initiative and advantage for a long time but could not break through and offered a draw in the final position where the computer Fritz still evaluated the position with a clear plus for Todd.. I asked Cyrus to suggest improvements as Carl Wagner, Todd and I could not agree in the post-mortem analysis and Cyrus (ahem) diplomatically said he could not see a breakthrough for Todd in the final position.

In other action, NM Bruce Baker returned to his winning ways by beating Dimitry Kishinevsky.

We will await the result of the the Wagner-Corper game before finalizing this round.

Round 3 Report (July 12, 2006) NM Todd Smith inches up to tie erstwhile leader NM Dr. Carl Wagner at 2 1/2-1/2. Todd defeated an ailing NM Bruce Baker rather quickly this warm summer evening. How warm was it? Warm enough to have some club members discuss the air-conditioning system - or the lack of one.

Former leader NM Dr. Carl Wagner will have to only blame himself for letting this round get away from him. Coming out of the opening with a healthy extra pawn and the bishop-pair to boot, this is Carl's bread-and-butter technical win. Tonight, though, Carl's fabled technique deserted him under the full Julian moon and he temporized just long enough to allow counterplay. Here is the game.


NM Dr. Adam Corper unfurled his expanded chess repertoire and played 1.d4 (Adam usually plays 1. e4) against Expert Dimitry Kishinevsky and after an up-and-down battle which could have been drawn at certain critical moments, the former club champion (2005) won to place him at 2-1 and undivided third place - a half point from the co-leaders Wagner and Smith.


1-2 NM Todd Smith and NM Dr. Carl Wagner  2 1/2-1/2

3 NM Dr. Adam Corper  2-1

4 Rick Aeria  1 1/2 - 1 1/2

5 NM Bruce Baker  1/2 - 2 1/2

6 Dimitry Kishinevsky 0 - 3

Pairings for round four on July the 19th are Expert Dimitry Kishinevsky v. NM Bruce Baker, Expert Rick Aeria v. NM Todd Smith and NM Dr. Carl Wagner v. NM Dr. Adam Corper. The Wagner-Corper game will be postponed as Adam Corper goes on vacation and will be out of town.

Summer Swiss by Chuck Ensey


George Zeigler has 3 wins in row, in Rd 3 he won versus Brad Salz  

Three rounds are in the books now and here are the current standings:

Players with 3 points (tied for First), listed in tie break order: George Zeigler and John Funderburg 

Players with 2 1/2 points:


Nate Plapp played the Longest Game of the Night with Jim Humphrey, which ended in a draw after midnight.

Carey Milton, Chris Borgan, Nathanael Plapp, Bob Defore, Pejman Sagart and Bob Draper.

Players with 2 points:

Jim Humphrey, Brad Salz, Ed Baluran, Ben Barquin, Mario Amodeo, Dayne Freitag, Alfredo DeLeon, Jerry Soelberg, Shaun Sweitzer, Luis Castaneda and Anthony Harbone.

Players with 1 1/2 points:


Buddy Morris always likes to watch his opponent's eyes (but Pejman won this one)...Meanwhile Lenny Sussman and Ben Barquin watch the game between Carey Milton and Peter Hodges (a house player filling in for us, but he was not able to upset Carey)

Buddy Morris, Jim Malowney, Chuck Ensey, Joel Batchelor, Fawsi Murra Jr and Sr, Fred Borges, Damani Fair, Kevin Oakes, Robert Samuel, Theron Pummer, Sam Barboo, Jason Qu, Tom Crane and Jason Flar.  

Players with 1 point:

Erik Marquis, Julian Rodriguez, Mayra Murra, David Hall, Monica Ness and Maria Murra.

Players with 1/2 point:


Jason Flar won as Black versus Rocio Murra and Jason Qu won with White vs Fausto Robles. In the background Tom Crane of Texas won against Karen Kaufman. 

Fausto Robles, Tom Kuhn, Daniel Bagliazo, Rocio Murra, Daniel Cook, Caley Anderson, Patrick Edwards and Keith Wetterer.

Players with 0 points:

Karen Kaufman and Dominic DeCesare.

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