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'06 Spring Swiss Rd 5

Round 5 Spring Swiss 2006 (Last Round)  5/17/06


Bd 1 (Match of Champions) Corper - Bruno 0-1 Ron wins the match 4 1/2 - 1 1/2.

Open Section

Bd 3  Kishinevsky - Baker 1/2-1/2  Bruce Baker filled in for Ed Baluran who showed up 40 minutes late and then announced he wasn't going to play because he didn't agree with the pairings (which had been posted for days, both at the club and on the internet. Ed should have told us he didn't want to play, or brought up his beef before it was too late). Dimitry felt he really needed to play to warm up for the big weekend tournament in LA, so we talked Bruce into playing after Ruffo declined. Bruce had the advantage most of the game, but Dimitry, knowing his opponent well, got him in to time trouble at the end and was able to pull out the draw. 


Bd 4  Funderburg - Arutyunov 1-0  Garamendi claims Nikolay had a win at some point during this game.

Bd 5  Morris - Sinaee 1/2-1/2  The Bud Man stepped in as a house player, replacing Ignacio Sainz.


Bd 6  Milton - Fries 1-0  Another swindle by Carey, or a late night blunder by Tom. Too bad, I thought Tom had the win all but wrapped up, it just needed a few finishing touches.  

Bd 7 Barquin - Murra Jr 1-0  This one wins the Best Game prize for this week, click on names to see game. Ben came up with a nifty Queen sacrifice that nets a full piece.

Bd 8  De Leon - Amodeo 1-0  Mario had a tough tournament, and Alfredo has been playing great.

Premier Section


Bd 10  Soto - Freitag 1/2 -1/2 This was the Longest Game of the Night (by far!) Both players had winning chances at various points in this endgame, but finally a draw was agreed at 12:30 AM when they both ran out of time and material.  

Bd 11  Plapp - Sweitzer 1/2 - 1/2  A big comeback from Shaun who was down 3 or 4 pawns at one point! 

Bd 12  Batchelor - Borges 0-1  Joel made one bad move near the end, falling into a trap Fred set for him.

Bd 13  Murra Sr - Ensey 0-1  A lucky quick win for me.


Bd 14  Fair - Gonzalez, H 1-0   Hector lost on time in what looked like a fairly equal position, at least at first glance. Damani had the edge and maybe it was winning, I am not sure, but the material was equal the last I saw of it. I warned Hector about those unlucky Red pieces before the game!   

Bd 15  Defore - Broman 0-1  Bob is still a bit rusty and says he needs to play more sensibly and defensively. 

Bd 16  Soelberg - Lower 1/2 - 1/2  The Dragon roared, but the Knight tamed him. 

Bd 17  Harbone - Sagart 0-1  Perry got another strong attack going and won fairly easily.

Bd 18  Malowney - Castaneda 1/2 - 1/2  Luis stepped in again as a house player.

Bd 19  Barone - Rezendes 1-0 And so did Ron, but he wasn't as fortunate, Daniel upset him by winning a piece in the opening.


Mayra smiles through the window right after winning the game.

Bd 20  Rodriguez - Murra, Mayra  0-1 Julian was winning handily, but then made a few inaccurate moves and then BAM! there was an unstoppable mating attack by Mayra!

Bd 21 Edwards - Marquis 0-1

Byes: Juroshek, Whitt, Robles 

Reserve Section


David Hall was on his way to a perfect 5-0 score when something went wrong against Albert Anderson.

Bd 22  Anderson - Hall 1-0  That left 3 players tied with 4 points and we almost had 4 if Jason Qu had won.

Bd 23  Kunn - Kaufman 0-1 Battle of the super K's! Karen wins this one.


Bd 24  Qu - Fox 1/2 - 1/2  I thought Jason had a clear win, but the exposed Kings in a Queen ending led to a draw. But couldn't Jason have taken Morgan's last pawn? Maybe there was a perpetual check there I didn't see.   

Bd 25  Murra, Rocio - Soltan 1-0  Both sisters win tonight. Parviz keeps getting paired with the women. 

Bd 26  Lawless - Tyrell 0-1  Reno cashes in a full boat (or was that a straight flush?)  

Bd 27  Samuel - Murray 1-0 Two old friends play once again, Bill as a house player.

Bd 28 Armstrong - Egger 0-1 It was Ladies Night at the Club, the girls rock! You Go Jackie!

Bd 29  Aranda - DeCesare 1-0 James uses the White pieces to his advantage after flipping for color.

Bd 30 No show Williams 

Bd 31  Murra, Maria - Burke 0-1 Alex gets a win in the "Mother" of all battles.

Bd 32  Raddetz - Wetterer 0-1 Meghan is still learning the ropes and Keith has been coming on strong lately.

Bye: Flar, Ness, Mabrey 

New tournament starting next week: The Steinitz Swiss, 5 Rounds with McMahon pairings.      

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