Sunday, January 6, 2008

Recent Games

Games from recent events.    See Cyrus Annotates for games from 1/1/08 to 11/01/08

This page will collect all games submitted from the SDCC. Many will be annotated by Cyrus Lakdawala, some by others.

Note: if a game has no analysis, it just means Cyrus hasn't got to it yet, or he may not consider it worthy of analysis. We would like to use this page to post all our games collected from SDCC members, and many of the best ones Cyrus will annotate, but he can't get to all of them... Bruce or even Chuck (gasp!) may annotate some of these, so pay attention as to who is annotating and judge the reliability of the notes accordingly!


Gambito #395 Open Section Best Game ($25):  Mahooti-Crisologo  won by Dr. James (Brilliant!) Mahooti 

               Other good games: Milton-Graves   Zaydenberg-Bruno  Orlowski-Jensen   Ensey-Sweitzer  Ensey-Aiello

               Reserve Section Best Game ($25): Padilla-Salenga   goes to Rolando Salenga. Here are some other good ones:

               Householder,A-Fernando  Dagamat-Viernes

Gambito #396  Lakdawala-Baker   Bruno-Graves 

Gambito #397  Ensey-Tsang

Gambito #399  Lakdawala-Krishnan  Best Game Open Section to Cyrus Lakdawala ($15) 

                        Honorable Mention:  Sebeckis-Orlowski 

                        Ramanujam-Householder,A    Best Game Reserve Section to Sridhar Ramunujam ($15)  

Gambito #400  Orlowski-Sussman

Gambito #402  Orlowski-Zaydenberg


Rd 1  Fair-Fries  Amodeo-Kishinevsky

Rd 2  Mahooti-Qu

Rd 3  Zeigler-Baker

Rd 5  Zeigler-Mahooti


Rd 3  Beilin-Ensey


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