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'07 Markowski Rd 7

Results for Round 7 of The Markowski Open  2/14/07

See Finals Rd 1 for list of qualifiers for the Club and Reserve Championship, starting next week 2/21/07

Duesterwald and Kishinevsky tie for First with 6 Points! 

Class B Player Fausto Robles (5 points!) upsets Leonard Sussman and also gets into the Club Championship, along with 3 Class A players with 4 1/2: Fawsi Murra Jr, Chris Borgan and Buddy Morris, Congratulations to all these winners!

4 spots have opened up for these lucky Class A players due to four Masters who are unable to play for various reasons : Richard Russell, Bob Richard, David Hart and Adam Corper. Adam is newly wed just last week and couldn't play on this Valentine's Day.  Many other players also called in for byes on February 14th, an unfortunate coincidence of the calendar, but we still had 64 players in the last round fighting for Championship spots. Bob Richard and David Hart played this round, but can't play in the next event as Bob is still busy finishing up his book (it's almost ready!) and David is contemplating a trip Down Under. Just watch out for that vegemite, it's a killer!

Bd 1  Marc Duesterwald - Richard Russell  1-0

See Cyrus Annotates for this epic battle for First Place, the Longest Game of the Night, by far. It went down to the wire, with just a few seconds on each player's clock at the end when Marc queened the only pawn left on the board and had time to checkmate with his Queen against Richard's bare King. They were playing without time delay (barbaric!) so this was nerve-racking for both players with flags hanging and everything on the line. What a game! 

Bd 2  Dimitry Kishinevsky - Robert Richard  1-0

A very close game that Dimitry clinched in the end for a really big win. Dima has been on a roll lately.

Bd 3  David Hart - Jim Humphrey  1/2-1/2 

Jim has proven himself to anyone who didn't know about this great player, who is relatively new to our club, although I believe he has played here a little bit on and off over the years.

Bd 4  Todd Smith Fawsi Murra Jr  1-0

Fawsi has been playing great, but here he faced one of the best players in the club. Thankfully he still made it into the Championship due to his excellent tie breaks from facing very tough opponents and holding his own, notably against Adam Corper and George Zeigler (a draw and a win!).

Bd 5  Ignacio Sainz - John Funderburg  1/2-1/2

A quick draw was agreed here, but I was glad that these two deserving players got to play each other instead of having to face very tough masters as originally paired. It would have been nice to see them duke it out a bit more, but logic demanded a draw as the only sensible result, assuring them both spots in the big dance. They may meet again in the next go around, known as the Club Championship, where a draw will not help either player.

Bd 6  Bruce Baker - Nikolay Arutyunov  1-0

Bd 7  Leonard Sussman - Fausto Robles  0-1

One of the few, and definitely the biggest, upsets of the night and the talk of the town. Lenny said he made a horrible blunder, but congratulated and praised Fausto for setting up the surprise Knight fork. I din't see the game, but I gathered that's what won the game for the either very lucky or vastly improved Fausto. It can't all be luck, he beat lots of strong players including Pejman Sagart and Ron Soto for 4 wins in a row in the last 4 rounds. The only other players to win all 4 of their last 4 games were Dimitry Kishinevky and Vincent Broman. 

Bd 8  Manuel Herrera - Rick Aeria  0-1

Manuel, a newcomer, has made a good name for himself, and appears to be close to expert strength.

Bd 9  Roger Dooc - Carey Milton  0-1

Roger filled in once again, this time for David Delgadillo, who was mysteriously absent. 

Bd 10  Brad Salz - Esteban Escobedo 1-0

Bd 11  Marty Lower - Ed Baluran  0-1

Bd 12  Gary Tuttle - Chris Borgan  0-1

Bd 13  Buddy Morris - Jerry Soelberg  1-0

Bd 14  Thomas Fries - Theron Pummer  1-0

Bd 15  William Wijaya - Ron Rezendes  1/2-1/2

Bd 16  Pejman Sagart - Luis Castaneda  1-0

Bd 17  Amando Malvar - Jaimeson Pryor  0-1

Bd 18  Richard Jensen - Pouyan Azarshahri  1-0 

Bd 19  Jason Qu - Joel Batchelor  0-1

Bd 20  Erik Marquis - Vincent Broman  0-1

Bd 21  Roberto Aiello - Jachin Tyrell  1-0 

This was the first game over as far as I know. But Jachin still made it to the Reserve Championship if he want to play, and I am assuming he does..

Bd 22  Steven Perry - Ramin Sinaee  0-1

Bd 23  Kevin Oakes  - Chuck Ensey  0-1

Bd 24  Anthony Harbone - Hector Gonzalez  0-1

Bd 25  William Murray - Damani Fair  0-1

Bd 26  Fred Borges - Mark Lawless  1-0

Bd 27  Karen Kaufman - Robert Henderson  1/2-1/2

A well played game by Karen to earn a draw with the higher rated Bob H. The game went all the way down to a few pawns each. Karen was up a piece, but Bob was able to secure the draw by advancing a passed pawn.

Bd 28  Robert Samuel - Helmut Keil  1-0

Helmut filled in for Genaro Lara

Bd 29  Caley Anderson - Michael Ross  1-0

Bd 30  Morgan Fox - Tom Kuhn  0-1

Bd 31  Christian Garcia - Hai Qu  0-1

Bd 32  Daniel Bagliazo - Keith Wetterer  1-0 

Bye: Robert Defore  

Withdrawn: Marc Adlam, Mario Amodeo, James Aranda, Ron Bruno, Eric Castro, Adam Corper, Patrick Edwards, Dayne Freitag, Fidel Gonzalez, David Hall, James Malowney, Lennart Mathe, Fawsi Jose Murra, Maria Murra, Mayra Murra, Rocio Murra, Monica Ness, Julian Rodriguez, Santiago Rubio-Fernaz, Ron Soto, Shaun Sweitzer, George Zeigler 

No Show: Genaro Lara & David Delgadillo   See Finals Rd 1 for information on next week's new event 

Markowski Prize Fund $1,115 

1st Place  Marc Duesterwald (6) $100

2nd Place  Dimitry Kishinevsky (6) $100

3rd - 5th Place  Richard Russell (5 1/2), David Hart (5 1/2), Todd Smith (5 1/2)  $20 each

BU2200  Jim Humphrey (5 1/2)  $100

2nd - 6th U2200  John Funderburg (5), Carey Milton (5), Ignacio Sainz (5), Rick Aeria (5) and Brad Salz (5), $16 each    

BU2000 Fausto Robles (5) $100

2nd - 5th U2000 Fawsi Murra Jr (4 1/2), Chris Borgan (4 1/2), Buddy Morris (4 1/2), Tom Fries (4 1/2) $20 each

BU1800 5 way tie: Richard Jensen (4), Roberto Aiello (4), William Wijaya (4), Joel Batchelor (4), Vincent Broman (4), $36 each

BU1600  4 way tie: William Murray (3), Robert Samuel (3), Caley Anderson (3), Eric Castro (3), $45 each

BU 1400 Jachin Tyrell (3) $80

2nd U1400 Mark Lawless (2) $30

BU 1200 Hai Qu (2) $25



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