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'07 Markowski Rd 6

Results For Round 6 of The Markowski Open  2/07/07

Russell takes sole possession of first place! 5 1/2 points leads pack of 5 players with 5 (Duesterwald, Richard, Kishinevsky, Hart & Humphrey).


Richard Russell watches the last game to finish in Round 6, the Humphrey - Baker game

5 more players trail with 4 1/2 points, and 11 more have 4. All are still in contention. It looks like everyone with 5 points will get in and possibly one or more of the 4 1/2s will make it to the Championship Round, depending on how many draws there are in the last round. Sainz, Funderburg and Fawsi Murra Jr all have to play masters next week (Bruno, Smith and Baker, respectively) so that makes it really tough on them. One or two of them still might make it in with a loss, but the players with 4 points simply must win to assure themselves "afterlife" or at least temporary nirvana. Next week should be very exciting! See Pairings Page for the last round's expected match-ups (tentatively, of course, but I would think that the top boards will hold, I can't imagine anyone taking a bye now, even though it is Valentine's Day next week. Sheesh, who came up with this schedule?? Well, no one really, the calendar dictated it! Sorry about that guys (and ladies!)    

Bd 1  Richard Russell - Ronald Bruno  1-0

Bd 2  Robert Richard - David Hart  1/2-1/2


It looked like Rick might draw being up the exchange for a couple of pawns, but as the game went on the pressure from the German Master kept building and soon Rick was "Kaput" (Websters: ruined, done for, demolished. From German - trickless in the card game of piquet, to make a zero score)  

Bd 3  Rick Aeria - Marc Duesterwald  0-1

Bd 4  Jim Humphrey - Bruce Baker  1-0


The Longest Game of the Night, a painful loss for Bruce, but then what loss isn't painful? Especially for Bruce, who everyone knows hates to draw, but despises losing even more. They battled down to the last seconds on their clocks and Jim was able to make his extra pawn count in the Rook ending, displaying fine technique. 

Bd 5  Nikolay Arutyunov - Dimitry Kishinevsky  0-1

Bd 6  Ed Baluran - Todd Smith  0-1

Bd 7  Fawsi Murra Jr - George Zeigler  1-0

Fawsi is on fire and George now has to hope for a miracle to get him into the championship round.

Bd 8  John Funderburg - Thomas Fries  1-0

A quick but very interesting game. See Cyrus Annotates 

Bd 9  Chris Borgan - Ignacio Sainz  0-1

Bd 10  Buddy Morris - Leonard Sussman  0-1

Lenny says he's "no good at night", but he must have rested up for this game against the Trickster.

Bd 11  Carey Milton - Roberto Aiello  1-0

Bd 12  Brad Salz - Jaimeson Pyror  1-0

Bd 13  Fidel Gonzalez - William Wijaya  1/2-1/2

Bd 14  Joel Batchelor - Manuel Herrera  0-1


Theron has put an an impressive showing in this event, no doubt gaining many rating points. Here he earned a draw with Mario in one of the longest games of the night. Behind them is Shaun Sweitzer, grappling for a move to save himself from David Delgadillo's merciless grip.   

Bd 15  Theron Pummer - Mario Amodeo  1/2-1/2

Bd 16  Shaun Sweitzer - David Delgadillo  0-1

Bd 17  Esteban Escobedo - Eric Castro  1-0


Fausto is one of the bigger over-acheivers in this event, scoring another upset, this time over Pejman. That's Eric Castro next to them and Richard Jensen looking on. Rich plays fast and seems to always finish early...

Bd 18  Fausto Robles - Pejman Sagart  1-0

Bd 19  Jerry Soelberg - Ramin Sinaee  1-0

Jerry, what have you been smoking? Whatever it is it's working. Ramin better change brands... 

Bd 20  Dayne Freitag - Richard Jensen  1/2-1/2

Bd 21  James Malowney - Marty Lower 0-1

Bd 22  Ron Rezendes - Amando Malvar  1/2-1/2

Bd 23  Morgan Fox - Monica Ness  1/2-1/2

An exchange program moved Monica up to a higher board and she responded like BORAT would: I love America, the land of opportunity!   


Ron Soto castles Queenside versus Anthony Harbone.  Monica Ness, in quieter surroundings this week,  was able to draw with the higher rated Morgan Fox, good job Mon!

Bd 24  Ron Soto - Anthony Harbone  1-0

Bd 25  Vincent Broman - Rocio Murra  1-0

Bd 26  Luis Castaneda - William Murray  1-0

Bd 27  Pouyan Azarshahri - Damani Fair  1-0

Bd 28  Hector Gonzalez - Fawsi Jose Murra  1/2-1/2

Bd 29  Mark Lawless - Jason Qu  0-1

Bd 30  Robert Henderson - Jachin Tyrell  0-1

There's something about "Reno" lately, I think he had some computer chips implanted somewhere, we are going to demand an MRI next week, or at least an X-ray! Reno's goal is to win the Class C trophy at the end of this year (after getting the Class D last month) and he is well on his way. I'll bet he is planning on Class B the following year too.  

Bd 31  Genaro Lara - Erik Marquis  0-1

Bd 32  Caley Anderson - Fred Borges  1/2-1/2

Bd 33  Christian Garcia - Julian Rodriguez  0-1

Bd 34  Tom Kuhn - Steven Perry  0-1  

Bd 35  Daniel Bagliazo - Kevin Oakes  0-1

Bd 36  Robert Samuel - Patrick Edwards  1-0

Bd 37  Michael Ross - James Aranda  1-0

Bd 38  Hai Qu - Karen Kaufman  0-1

Bd 39  Chuck Ensey - Gary Tuttle

Gary & I were slumming it in the lower boards, but I played like a habitual Class D denizen. See my comments on the message board! (under the candy wrappers thread) The game can now be seen on Cyrus Annotates  It is an amazing and very instructive endgame in my humble opinion.  

Bd 40  Keith Wetterer - Helmut Keil  0-1 

80 players still fighting for truth and justice - a nice turnout, thanks everyone for putting up with the delay at the beginning of the round. PLEASE call in those byes before 6:30 PM so you don't drive the TD  bonkers (or to drink or to suicide or maybe even to homocide!!) ooooh, Is that a threat? as Tony Soprano would say...

Byes: Adam Corper, Bob Defore, David Hall, Lennart Mathe, Maria Murra, Mayra Murra, Santiago Rubio-Fernaz and Marc Adlam

Withdrawn: Alex Garcia-Betancourt, Marcus Hilgers

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