Sunday, January 6, 2008

Markowski Rd 1

2009 Alina Markowski Open  Round 1   7 PM      1/07/09

7 Rounds, Time Control is 40/90, SD/60 with 5 second delay. Two byes are available, but a last round bye must requested by Round 2 and is irrevocable. Everyone plays in one big section, so in the first few rounds there will be HUGE rating point differentials (400 points or so). However every year there is at least one upset or at least a draw or two. Top 12 finishers will qualify for the Club Championship and possibly a few more players may make it in if one or more of the 4 seeded players decides not to play (Ron Bruno, Peter Graves, Felix Villarreal and Dimitry Kishinevsky), but as it stands right now I think all four are likely to play. Also the top 16 players rated U1800 will qualify for the Reserve Championship. The Club and Reserve Championships are also 7 round events and start on February 25th. This year for the first time we will also have a 7 round Womens Championship concurrent with the Club and Reserve Championships. These 3 Championships will be known as  The Cyrus Lakdawala Championships. The rest of the club will play in the Fred Borges Open.  

Note: here are some of the women we hope will be able to play in the Women's Championship. Please let me know if you think you can not play: Klodetta Abdoli, Karen Kaufman, Maria Murra, Mayra Murra, Rocio Murra, Monica Ness, Carolina Villarreal, Maria Elena Villarreal. Also maybe the Tapia sisters will join us if someone can convince them.  

Entry fee is our usual $25. There will be cash prizes for all the different classes of players (Master, Expert, A,B C, and D, plus first, second and third places in each class). Also please remember that now is time for everyone to renew their annual SDCC membership. This money goes for upkeep and improvement of the club and to pay a monthly stipend for our club manager, Bruce Baker. Definitely a worthy cause. Price is $60 for regular members, $48 for seniors (65 or older), $48 for active military, $30 for juniors (under 18) and also for players who live in Mexico and make that long commute. Also $30 for the spouse of a member, and then the kids get in free.           

Email Chuck Ensey at to pre-register or ask a question, or call the club phone at 619-239-7166.  

Pre-registered (29 so far as of 1/04/09):  Rick Aeria, Roberto Aiello, Mario Amodeo, Caley Anderson, Bruce Baker, Alejandrino Baluran, Joel Batchelor, Kirk Branner (bye Rd 1), James Coulston, Raoul Crisologo, Nestor Dagamat, Robert Defore, Robert Draper, Chuck Ensey, John Funderburg, Brian Kelly, Tom Kuhn, Tom Lavoy, Mark Lawless, Carey Milton, Steve Perry,  Ron Rezendes, Fausto Robles, Fausto Robles Jr., Ignacio Sainz, Robert Samuel, Jerry Soelberg, Leonard Sussman, Keith Wetterer (bye Rd 1).

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For those who don't know, the Markowski and the Club Championship garner extra attention and excellent coverage from our star writer, Rick Aeria. His love of the game, his deep knowledge of chess history (and trivia!) and his good humor really shine through at this time of the year. Enjoy everyone!! - and let Rick know you like his work the next time you see him! (Chuck Ensey)


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