Sunday, January 6, 2008

Markowski 06 Rd 4

Qualifier 2006, week 4

The following is from memory, so allow me to add whatever disclaimers I may need later to fend off charges of inaccurate reporting.  -- baker

David Hart took over sole possession of first place [4] with a win over NikolayArutyunov. I tried to warn Nikolay about indulging in excessive smiling at our club. Personally, I think it hurt him in this game.

Dimitry Kishinevsky-Baker was a bitter struggle of intractable complications which finally ended in an early draw. [3.5]

Dr Adam Corper played a strong and thematic opening with white vs Alex Garcia-Betancourt. Good preparation. After seeing the opening, I felt it likely that Adam would win. (Zeigler, Cyrus, myself, Richard sometimes play for a kingside attack beginning with 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Bb5). He did everything right, worked very hard during the game to patiently build a won ending, then ...  mysteriously didn't win. Draw [3.5]

Alejandro Garamendi appeared to be under pressure vs Rick Aeria, but drew. I only glanced at the game, so I don't really know who had the chances. Ignacio Sainz drew a pawn down against Ron Bruno. Must be some tough defenders in our club. [3]

However, some were more/less fortunate, depending on your viewpoint. Raul Crushologo had a great position vs master Ruffo Orihuela and won. Something ugly for Ruffo must have happened early in that game. Following up his win over Carey last week, David Delgadillo walked away with the full point from expert Richard GimenoFM Richard Russell, Bob Richard and Carey Milton all won. [3]

Class B champ Luis Castaneda, who upset Mario Amodeo last week, lost to Brad Salz. [3] 

Jerry Soelberg cashed the full point vs strong expert Ben Barquin who grimly hung on for hours a piece down. (Didn't Ben castle out of check??).

I have no idea what happened to dress-for-success Jesus Orozco, or even if he was anywhere near our club on Wednesday night, but I must report that no doubt he looked good while doing whatever it was he was doing. [winning from Fred Borges]

Monica Ness drew her game with the much higher rated Parviz Soltan.

Still early in the tournament ...

Standings after round 4 & top 14

Hart [4]

Betancourt, Baker, Kishinevsky, Corper, Delgadillo, Crisologo [3.5]

Arutyunov, Richard, Sainz, Salz, Funderburg, Milton, Freitag [3.0]

 Murra, Aeria, Bruno, Garamendi, Russell [3]

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