Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gambito #387

Gambito #387  9/13/08

Here are the winners:

First Place: Bruce Baker (7), $100

U2400: Jorge Balares (5 1/2), $50    U2200: James Mahooti (5 1/2), $50

2nd Place: Carey Milton (5), $40

U2000: Daniel Grazian (4 1/2), $50    U1800: Kyron Griffith (4 1/2), $50

U1600: Victor Delgadillo (3), $50

Rating Point winners: +217 by Victor Delgadillo (1137>1354), +75 by Kyron Griffith (1770>1845)

Total Prizes $390


NM Bruce Baker, Gambito # 387 winner by 1 1/2 points!

[Chuck's notes: Daniel Grazian gained +10 to go over 2000 (1991>2001) for the first time. Congrats to our very young, talented and newly minted Expert. Daniel is a diligent and hard working chess player and deserves much praise, let's hear it for the boy! Also this is Kyron's first trip into Class A territory with a smashing +70 points to 1845. You guys rock! Attendance was good with 22 players plus a few homies (house players!) filled in when needed. McMahon pairings with M/E=3, A=2, B=1, C=0.]  


Rising Star & the club's latest expert, Daniel Grazian winner of the Under 2000 section



David Delgadillo, winner of the Under 1600 section



Inconsolable Roberto Aiello after a painful loss

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