Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gambito #384

Gambito #384   8/23/08

24 Players, 15 in the Open Section which used a "mini-McMahon", M/E = 1, A and below = 0, plus 9 in the Reserve Section. So there was an odd number in both sections, a problem the full McMahon would have solved, but I wanted to try two sections today. Winners today were:

Bruce Baker (4) and Peter Graves (4), First Place/BU2400, $80 each

Carey Milton (3), Leonard Sussman (3), Daniel Grazian (3) and Chuck Ensey (3), BU2200/2000/2nd Place, $45 each. Please note that I paid out $62 each by mistake, I will have to get back $17 each gentlemen, thanks.

Kyron Griffith (3 1/2), BU1800, $50

Michael Chen (2 1/2), BU1600, $50

Welcome to several new players today: David Silva, Winfield Zhao (7 years old!), Henry Espinosa (house player, won his first game). Also welcome back to James Coulston who hasn't played for quite a while...  

See Chuck's Corner for my rambling thoughts on my games in this event.


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