Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gambito #379

Gambito #379           7/12/08

Great turnout today of 29 players, including several brand new ones (Morshedi, Penaflor, Huey) and a few we haven't seen in quite awhile (Hart, Dolan, Ancheta). Today we had 5 Masters (Bryant, Baker, Graves, Hart and Morshedi), 5 Experts (Choate, Crisologo, Milton, Montany and Sussman), and 8 Class A, 5 Class B, 6 Class C, plus 4 house players (Sebeckis, Morris, Whitten, Wathen). That's what we would like to see every week, 30 players or more, it makes it much more interesting. And from what I can tell, it looks like we will have good attendance for the rest of the summer at least with all the new players we have been getting. The young Mr. Ali Morshedi (rated 2312) recently moved here from Texas and says he will defintely being playing in the Gambito Open again, not next week, but soon.    

We used our regular McMahon pairing system with M/Exp=2, A=1, B/C=0

Here are the prize winners:

First Place: Peter Graves (5 1/2) $100

U2400: Ali Morshedi (5) $75

2nd Place/U2200 tie: Paul Choate (4 1/2), Leonard Sussman (4 1/2), Raoul Crisologo (4 1/2), $45 each

U2000: Daniel Grazian (4) $75

U1800: Rob Dolan (3 1/2) $75

U1600: Eusy Ancheta (2) and Anthony Arciga (2), $30 each

Best Game Prizes (SDCC Calendars) to be announced here in a day or two, Total Prizes $520 

Biggest estimated rating increases: Dolan +26 to 1804, Grazian +22 to 1930, Jensen +19 to 1883


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