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Gambito #251

The Fifth Annual Super Double Gambito  12/03 -12/04 at the  San Diego Chess Club,  a two day 8 Round Swiss of G/45, held once a year in December

$2,000 in Prizes!

Good turnout of 37 players: 7 Masters, 5 Experts, 12 Class A, 9 Class B and 4 Class C.

[Note: The opening ceremony by Chuck Ensey included a sincere commendatory statement about Ron Gambito.  -- baker]

Open Section

IM Enrico Sevillano - Baker ... see Cyrus Annotates

Joel Banawa (7), the third highest rated player in the event at 2357, drew with the top two players (Cyrus & Enrico) and beat everyone else, a winning formula that allowed him to capture his first ever Gambito Open for a $300 First Place prize. He becomes the fourth person to win a Super Double Gambito. Previous winners include Cyrus Lakdawala (2), Bruce Baker and Dimitry Kishinevsky. The turnout this year was up significantly from previous years, thus ensuring that we will continue to hold this exciting event. We didn't quite have enough attendees to break even on the prize fund, but it was very close. Just 3 more players would have done it, and as the legend of this event grows it seems that next year it is likely that we will have over 40 players. A good time was had by all, there were no disputes to speak of, and everyone played hard but fair, like the good sports they are. 

Enrico Sevillano and Jesus Orozco in Round 2. Jesus got a draw with Cyrus (rated #1) in the first round and then had to face Enrico (rated #2) in Round 2! A pretty tough start but Jesus was up for the challenge! 

Enrico Sevillano (6 1/2) won $150 for Second Place. He had a first round bye due to traffic coming down here which may have cost him some prize money, he will have to learn to leave earlier, this isn't the first time the bad traffic has hurt his chances! He won 3 games on Saturday, but then drew with Banawa and Lakdawala before finishing up with 2 more wins. 

Cyrus Lakdawala (6) did not take any byes this year, nor any losses, but he did give up 4 draws to Jesus Orozco (4), Joel Banawa, Enrico Sevillano and Bruce Baker (5). Bruce ended up fourth, and so out of the money in the strong field of 7 Masters, a record number of Masters for a Gambito Open. Bruce did say that he felt he played quite well even though the results didn't always show. He lost to Banawa and Sevillano, but drew with Cyrus and Ron Bruno (3). He seemed to take the draw with Bruno the hardest, as he felt he had the game won, but let it slip away in the last few minutes. Of course that happens to a lot of people, but Bruce always expects to win and takes his losses, and even draws, very hard.

Carey Milton (5) equaled Bruce's score and won $200 as the Best Under 2200. The famous swindler pulled off several come from behind victories, most noticeably over Ron Bruno. Ron withdrew after his 6th round loss to Carey, realizing he was then out of the money, and went home to try and purge the upsetting swindle from his mind.

Tying for 2nd/3rd Under 2200 were Raoul Crisologo (4 1/2) and Jorge Balares (4 1/2) for $75 each. Raoul also upset Ron Bruno, plus Dimitry Kishinevsky, while Jorge knocked off Adam Corper (1 1/2), who withdrew after the first day and a fourth round loss to John Bryant (4). John tied for Best Under 2000 with Felipe Camacho (4) and Jesus Orozco. John, Felipe and Jesus all won $117.            

Reserve Section

Chris Borgan (6) was the highest rated player in this section at 1799. He started slow with two byes and then a draw, a win and a draw, but won his last three to clinch First Place and a $200 prize. Khris Juroshek (5 1/2) had the lead in this section from rounds 1 through 7, but lost his last two games. Still, he won $200 as the Best Under 1600.  Anthony Whitt (5 1/2) won 2nd U1800 for $100, while Ricardo Rios (5) also won $100 as 2nd U1600.

Daniel Short (5) was 3rd U1800 for $50. Daniel hadn't heard about the Super Double and came just expecting to pay $15 and play in the Gambito! He hadn't played for a while, and didn't know that this year we raised the entry fee from $15 to $20 (and to $25 for a Super Gambito). But he agreed to play in the Super Double anyway, even paying the late entry fee of $60 (it was $50 for advance entries). For being rusty, he played quite well and he won his last two games, when it really counts (the money rounds!)      

Tom Kuhn (3) and Jesse Orlowski (3) split the 3rd U1600 prize of $50 for $25 each.  Jesse is from the Jedi Knights Club, our Friday night scholastic club that is taught by Bruce Baker. The other Jedis, Kyron Griffith (4) and Daniel Grazian (3 1/2) did not win any money (their ratings have both soared over 1600 this year), but they gained valuable experience.

Kyron Griffith won this game with buddy Daniel Grazian in Rd 7    Photo by Richard Jensen

Daniel and I, Chuck Ensey (3 1/2),  met in the last round, and I thought for sure I had a win (and I did as Fritz pointed out to me later when I got home), but I kept making the wrong moves in a Bishop ending and Daniel was able to draw, much to my consternation. I know how Bruce feels!

At least I got to see the second half of the Charger/Raider game on TV at home . I sold my 45 yard line tickets to my brother in law's friend because I knew I would miss most of the game in order to play in this event. The sacrifices we make to play chess! Nothing is sweeter than beating the Raiders for a true Charger fan, and now that's 5 in a row for the Bolts.     

We will have more games posted here tomorrow and also the Best Upset Prize winners, who we forgot all about in the rush at the end to award prizes. The Best Game winners will take a few more days.

Open Section Upset Prize ($25):  Thirunathan Sutharsan vs Romeo Ignacio, 322 points difference

Reserve Section Upset Prize ($25):  Tom Kuhn vs Kyron Griffith, 366 points difference 

Reserve Section Best Game Prize ($20): Kyron Griffith for win over Ricardo Rios. By the way, only two games were turned in for this section!! Sometimes Reserve Section players are shy about sharing their games. G/45 doesn't lend itself to deeply thought out games, much of it is instinct, especially at the end of the game when flags are rising (or minutes ticking away on a digital clock). The following game might be an example of this.

See game here.

Open Section Best Game Prize ($20): Ben Barquin won for his come from behind victory over Ed Baluran. See this exciting game here

This event has been rated - no room to post the wallchart here, but you can see it at the USCF website and checkout your new rating....     

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