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'07 Finals Rd 5

Results for Round 5 of The Championships & The Lasker Open on 3/21/07 

See Pairings Page for next week's expected matchups! Two more rounds to go...

Club Championship

John Funderburg (4)  & Marc Duesterwald (4) are tied for 1st Place, Bruce Baker (3 1/2) is in Third, Aeria, Smith and Bruno trail with 3 points each.

Board 1  Marc Duesterwald - Rick Aeria  1-0

Click on the names to view the game (for those of you who don't know this by now!)

Okay, ALL the games in the Championship and  Reserve sections are now posted! Rick was unresponsive/secretive/incognito about this game (as losers?! sometimes are), but I got the winner to send it in... Thanks Marc!

2  Ronald Bruno - John Funderburg  0-1

See Cyrus Annotates for this fabulous game, Cy thinks it is the best of the Championship so far.

Bd 3  Buddy Morris - Bruce Baker  0-1 

The Longest Game of the Night -although this one only went until 11 PM, many of the games were over much earlier, plus we had quite a few very short games tonight. I love it when we finish early!

Bd 4  Dimitry Kishinevsky - Todd Smith  0-1 

See Cyrus Annotates for this game

Bd 5  Ignacio Sainz - Brad Salz  1-0

See Cyrus Annotates

Bd 6  Fawsi Murra Jr - Carey Milton  0-1

A real tactical battle as usual from Carey

Bd 7  Ed Baluran - Chris Borgan  1-0

This one was over before it started as Chris was rushed out the door by Ed (g4!) after arriving late, just as I was re-pairing this game, so I am figuring Chris must have been a bit flustered.

Bye:  Fausto Robles, Jim Humphrey 

Reserve Championship

Vince Broman (5) takes full point lead, Caley Anderson (4) is 2nd, Rich Jensen (3 1/2) is 3rd, Castaneda, Ensey, Qu trail with 3. 

Bd 9  Vincent Broman - Luis Castaneda  1-0  Click on the names to see the game.

We are getting the trophy polished up for Vince, but he still has a little work to do.  

Bd 10  Roberto Aiello - Caley Anderson  0-1

Caley has been the big surprise of this section, storming up to the top of the charts despite having the lowest rating. This game is a "must see".

Bd 11  Marty Lower - Richard Jensen  0-1

A stunning Bishop move wins this game for Rich.

Bd 12  Chuck Ensey - Shaun Sweitzer  1-0

Oh boy, did I get lucky! Is it really better to be lucky than good as they say? Maybe...

Bd 13  Jason Qu - Hector Gonzalez  1-0

A very solid game from Jason, who is a force to be reckoned with and who is steadily gaining strength every month - That's scary for us older players!

Bd 14  Robert Samuel - Erik Marquis  0-1

Bob made some uncharacteristically strange moves in this game. Some nights you're just off, I know the feeling.

Bd 15  William Murray - Pouyan Azarshahri  0-1

Bill continues to fight like a tiger, but just can't close the deal for a win yet. In this game he had a golden opportunity. but it slipped through his fingers when he missed a shot to win the game (twice, it was there for 2 moves!) 

Byes: William Wijaya, Joel Batchelor

Lasker Open

Lennart Mathe (4) grabs 1st Place with win over Manuel Herrera (3 1/2). Esteban Escobedo (3 1/2) and James Malowney (3 1/2) are also in a 3-way tie with Manuel for Second Place. 

Bd 17  Manuel Herrera - Lennart Mathe  0-1

Bd 18  David Delgadillo - James Malowney  0-1

Bd 19  Esteban Escobedo - Ron Rezendes  1-0

Bd 20  Ramin Sinaee - Mario Amodeo  0-1 

Bd 21  Jamieson Pryor - Jerry Soelberg  0-1 

Bd 22  Amando Malvar - Alfredo DeLeon  0-1

Bd 23  Richard Gimeno - Theron Pummer  0-1

Bye: Thomas Fries 

Lasker Reserve

Robert Henderson (4 1/2) and Eric Castro (4 1/2) tied for 1st Place, Julian Rodriguez (4)  is 3rd, trailing them are Fred Borges (3 1/2) and Jackie Egger (3 1/2). Five other players have 3 points: Bagliazo, Ledbetter, Harbone, Kuhn and Perry.  

Bd 25  Eric Castro - Fred Borges  1-0

Bd 26  Anthony Harbone - Robert Henderson  0-1

Bd 27  Julian Rodriguez - Daniel Bagliazo  1-0

Bd 28  Jackie Egger - Chris Creighton  1F-0F

Bd 29  Steven Perry - Kevin Oakes  1-0 

Bd 30  Morgan Fox - Tom Kuhn  0-1

Bd 31  Mark Lawless - Jeffery Ledbetter  0-1

Bd 32  Karen Kaufman - Pedro Guerrero  1-0

Bd 34  Patrick Edwards - Christian Garcia  1-0

Bd 35  David Hall - Keith Wetterer  1-0

Bye: Michael Ross, Monica Ness, James Aranda

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