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'07 Finals Rd 2

Results for Round 2 of The Championships & The Lasker Open      2/28/07

73 Total Players so far 

Club Championship

OK, we now have all but one of the top section games. 

Bd 1  Ron Bruno - Dimitry Kishinevsky  1/2-1/2  See game: Bruno-Kishinevsky  this game now annotated by Cyrus.  This game won the Best Game Prize this week ($5 to each player since it was a draw)

Dimitry displays his originality in his fianchetto defence (looked like a 'Mini-Hippo')  to the defending champion's broad attacking formation. In the ensuing rook and pawn endgame Dimitry looked better but the game ended in a draw. I guess the old Russian saying that "all rook and pawn endgames are draws" holds true.

Bd 2  John Funderburg - Todd Smith  1-0  See game: Funderburg-Smith

The Thunderbird strikes first, just where he left off last year and early favorite Todd Smith is the unhappy victim...again! Can you say "deja-vue"? This puts the Thunderbird, a proud "Son of Cyrus" in the sole early lead with 2-0.

Bd 3  Bruce Baker - Rick Aeria  1/2-1/2  See game: Baker-Aeria

This was a grim struggle that finally ended in a draw. Even when the position was drawish, neither combatant wanted to make a peace offer until a three time repetition gave them a reprieve...otherwise they would continue until sunrise!

Bd 4  Ed Baluran - Marc Duesterwald  0-1   See game: Baluran-Duesterwald

Germany's Pride and Joy, Marc Duesterwald, took a bye in round one (the nerve of him!) and then defeated the Balladeer to open his account in the championship rounds.

Bd 5  Jim Humphrey - Ignacio Sainz  1/2-1/2  See game: Humphrey-Sainz

Jim Humphrey and Ignacio Sainz have similar positional styles so this looks like a fair result for both.

Bd 6  Carey Milton - Chris Borgan  1-0   See game: Milton-Borgan

Raconteur Carey Milton, a legend in his own mind, extracted a very painful point from up-and-comer Chris Borgan.

Bd 7  Buddy Morris - Brad Salz  1/2-1/2  See game: Morris-Salz

The Trickster, Buddy Morris, is up to his old tricks...again... This time Brad Salz got "slimed" for a draw.

Bd 8  Roger Dooc - Fausto Robles  1-0   I didn't get this game, please send it to me Fausto if you can

Hold everything! Fausto Robles, the man who "made history" by being the first "B" player ever to qualify for the finals didn't have a partner tonight. Fawsi Murra Jr. called in for the bye and so designated sacrificial lamb, Roger Dooc, was brought in for Fausto to pad his score. But not so fast! Roger the Dodger didn't read the script and defeated Fausto! Talk about "Man bites dog!"

Bye: Fawsi Murra Jr                                              See Pairing Page for next week's TENTATIVE pairings 

Reserve Championship

Bd 9  Shaun Sweitzer - Richard Jensen  0-1  This game won the Best Game Prize ($10) this week

Bd 10  Erik Marquis - Vincent Broman  0-1

Bd 11  Marty Lower - Caley Anderson  1/2-1/2

Bd 12  Joel Batchelor - William Wijaya  0-1 

The Longest Game of the Night, so late I forgot to get a copy of their game. Can one of you send it to me?

Bd 13  Amando Malvar - Pouyan Azarshahri  0-1

Bd 14  Roberto Aiello - Hector Gonzalez  1-0

Bd 15  Luis Castaneda - Robert Samuel  1-0

Bd 16  Chuck Ensey - William Murray  1-0

Bye: Jason Qu

Lasker Open

Bd 17  Esteban Escobedo - Mario Amodeo  1/2-1/2

Bd 18  David Delgadillo - Keith Bresee  1-0

Bd 19  Alfredo DeLeon - George Zeigler  0-1

Bd 20  James Malowney - Thomas Fries  0-1

Bd 21  Jerry Soelberg - Lennart Mathe  0-1

Bd 22  Ramin Sinaee - Ron Rezendes  1/2-1/2

Bd 23  Gary Tuttle - Theron Pummer  1-0

Byes: Manuel Herrera, Hercules Madriaga

Lakser Reserve

Bd 24  Julian Rodriguez - Fred Borges  0-1

Bd 25  Damani Fair - Jeffrey Ledbetter  0-1

Bd 26  Daniel Bagliazo - Robert Henderson  0-1

Bd 27  Christian Garcia - Anthony Harbone  0-1

Bd 28  Chris Creighton - James Aranda  1-0

Bd 29  Helmut Keil - Eric Castro  0-1

Bd 30  Steven Perry - Tom Kuhn  1-0

Bd 31  Michael Ross - Kevin Oakes  0-1

Bd 32  Jackie Egger - David Hall  1-0

Bd 33  Karen Kaufman - Mark Lawless  0-1

Bd 34  Morgan Fox - Pedro Guerrero  1-0

Byes: Patrick Edwards, Monica Ness; Withdrawn: Charles Berkman   

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