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'06 Finals Rd 2

3/01/06, Round 2, Club & Reserve Championship + The Lasker Open

Club Championship

The Upset Kids searching for the right moves... John Funderburg & Chris Borgan

Round 2 had two upsets: John Funderburg won his game with Dimitry Kishinevsky and Chris Borgan won his with Ignacio Sainz. Leonard Sussman drew with Carl Wagner. All other games in the Championship section went according to expected rating results.


Rick - What was that move?... Never mind, you are busted anyway after 29. Kb1 (Rick says he doesn't "need no stinking B player" telling him when he's busted!) 

Board 1 Bruno - Aeria 1-0

Bd 2 Sussman - Wagner 1/2-1/2

Bd 3 Funderburg - Kishinevsky 1-0 

Bd 4 Hart - Milton 1-0

Bd 5 Corper - Betancourt 1-0


NM Ruffo Orinhela and visiting GM Julio Becerra watch NM Bruce Baker's winning endgame  

Bd 6 Garamendi - Baker 0-1

Chris Borgan about to play 14. dxc5, winning a pawn. Ignacio Sainz probably overlooked that 13...b5? cutoff defence of his c pawn from his Queen.   

Bd 7 Borgan - Sainz 1-0   See Cyrus' annotations   Although this game had mistakes on both sides, the players showed the true fighting heart of a champion and kept slugging away through thick and thin, therefore this game has been picked as the Game of the Week, for a $10 prize for Mr. Borgan.  

Bd 8 Salz - Smith 0-1

Reserve Championship

There were two upsets in this section too, although it may not be fair to call them upsets because the players have provisional ratings and so they are highly uncertain. At any rate, Kevin Oakes won his game with Fred Borges and Fausto Robles won his with Marty Lower. Marty has withdrawn and will be replaced by the next person in line from the Markowski, Fawsi Murra Sr. That makes 3 Murra's in this section so it is impossible not to pair them with each other.  Fawsi (Senior) starts with two byes and in fact his first pairing is with his daughter Mayra! See Pairing page for the expected pairings next week 

Bd 9 Mayra Murra - Whitt 0-1

Bd 10 Sagart - Mathe 0-1

Bd 11 Oakes - Borges 1-0

Bd 12 Ensey - Rodriguez 1-0

Bd 13 Harbone - Fair 0-1

Bd 14 Rocio Murra - Sweitzer 0-1

Bd 15 Robles - Lower 1-0

Bd 16 Marquis - Lawless 1-0

Lasker Open

Three players have perfect scores Maksim Gusev (2), Ed Baluran (2) and Ben Barquin (2). Four players are tied for second: Ramin Sinaee (1 1/2), Fawsi Murra Jr (1 1/2), David Delgadillo (1 1/2) and John Falchi (1 1/2).

Tom Fries stares at 4 pigs on the 7th, he soon had to resign the Longest Game of the Night. White's King has some shelter, Black's does not

There were two big upsets in this round:  John Falchi beat Tom Fries (0) in the Longest Game of the Night (by a long shot) and also Kwame Hooker (1) upended Robert Draper (0), who seems to be being punished for not playing in the Reserve Championship. I put a hex on you Bob!

Ramin Sinaee drew with Fawsi Murra Jr and Jemar Fragante (1/2) drew with Jerry Soelberg (1/2). All other games went according to Elo. Several games were turned in and I will get to them soon and post them right here, so stay tuned.       

In the Lasker Reserve Section, 3 players have 2 wins: Morgan Fox (2), Jacquelyn Egger (2) and David Hall (2). Arthur Diaz (1 1/2) joined this event in Round 2 and got a win over Monica Ness (1/2).


Monica always brightens up the club with her cheerful smile... 

Players with one point include Helmut Keil, Robert Samuel, Karen Kaufman, Reno Tyrell and Maria Murra. Justin Colon (1/2) and Alex Burke (1/2) drew their game in Rd 2, as did Parviz Soltan (1/2) and Tom Kuhn (1/2).   

In this round, Morgan Fox upset Helmut Keil, Jacquelyn Egger upset Robert Samuel. Next week should be a fun one in all the sections.  

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