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Cyrus 2007

Gambito Opens

Gambito #304  Bryant-Baker (Best Game Open Section January Super Gambito) also:   Sebeckis-Lakdawala

Gambito #311  Aeria-Bruno (Best Game Open Section March Super Gambito)

                        Wijaya-Sweitzer (Best Game Reserve Section) 

Gambito #312  Milton-Krishnan

Gambito #314  Lakdawala-Duesterwald  

Also see Gambito 314 for notes by Duesterwald on his game with Bruce Baker

Gambito # 315  "Carey Milton's 2600+ Rating Performance"

Milton-Lakdawala     Duesterwald-Milton     Byrant-Milton

Gambito #316  Duesterwald-Lakdawala (Best Game Open Section)  Also: Baker-Jensen   Krishnan-Ignacio

                        Khanna-Watson (Best Game Reserve Section) 

Gambito #317  Duestewald-Baker

Gambito #319  Krishnan-Bruno (Best Game Open Section)   Also: Krishnan-Kishinevsky

Gambito #323  Kishinevsky-Baluran (Best Game Open Section)  Also Sevillano-Lakdawala

                         Ensey-Kuhn (Best Game Reserve Section)

Gambito #324   Lakdawala-Baker

Gambito #328   Baker-Liu (Best Game Open Section) plus:  Lakdawala-Ignacio   Krishnan-Baker

                       Delaney-Arnaiz  (Best Game Reserve Section)

Gambito #332  Lakdawala-Funderburg   (Best Game Open Section)  Delaney-Dagamat  (Best Reserve Section)

Gambito #335  Tsoi-Bruno (Best Game Open Section) 

Gambito #338  Lakdawala-Baker

Gambito #340  Baker-Aeria (Best Game Open Section)   Ensey-Ogden  (Best Game Reserve Section)  

Gambito #344 (Super Double Gambito)   Baluran-Mahooti  (Best Game Open Section)

                       other good games:  Baker-Bryant   Kishinevsky-Bryant  Baluran-Taylor

                        Guy-Ensey  (Best Game Reserve Section):  also here is an unannoted game:  Dagamat-Ibarra  

Gambito #346  Corper-Kishinevsky

Gambito #348  Lakdawala-Baker (Best Game Open Section)

Gambito #349  Ensey-Tsoi    Ensey-Corper

Markowski Open 2007

Round 1  Humphrey-Azarshahri   Round 2  Bob Richard-Mario Amodeo     Borges-Sainz

Round 3  Zeigler-Malowney    Dr. Adam Corper-Carey Milton     Ensey-Baluran    Defore-Morris

Round 4   Smith-Sainz   Round 5   Bruno-Funderburg   Round 6  Funderburg-Fries   Ensey-Tuttle

Round 7  Duesterwald-Russell   Marquis-Broman

Championship Finals and The Lasker Open 

Round 1  Salz-Baker    Robles-Baluran   Round 2  Bruno-Kishinevsky

Round 3  Kishinevsky-Baker   Aeria-Smith

Round 4  Baker-Duesterwald   Funderburg-Aeria   DeLeon-Sinaee

Round 5  Bruno-Funderburg  Sainz-Salz  Kishinevsky-Smith

Round 7  Sainz-Funderburg  Broman-Qu

Co-Champions Simul    Duesterwald-Aeria   Duesterwald-Ensey   Funderburg-Jensen   

2007 Senior/Junior Open in Sunny San Diego

Kishinevsky-Madriaga  Best Game "Junior" Section

Ensey-Arnaiz   Best game Senior Section    Also:  Harbone-Henderson   Fries-Ensey

Spring Swiss

Round 3  Aiello-Freitag  Ensey-Malowney   Rd 4  Marquis-Draper   Rd 5  Amodeo-Baluran

Capablanca Challenge

Round 1  Aeria-Smith   Rd 2  Wijaya-Amodeo     Rd 3  Kishinevsky-Baker  Aeria-Funderburg

Rd 5  Zeigler-Kishinevsky  Rd 6  Borgan-Ensey

Summer Swiss

Round 1  Ensey-Morris  Round 6  Sussman-Funderburg

San Diego County Championship

Humphrey-Baker  (Best Game Open Section)   Hodges-Grazian  (Best Game Reserve Section) 

San Diego Open Shootout

Round 1  Mathe-Funderburg  Round 5  Zeigler-Crisologo   Round 6  Marquis-Rodriguez

Simultaneous Exhibition on 10/03/07

Lakdawala-Rezendes  Lakdawala-Wijaya  Lakdawala-Ensey  Lakdawala-Humphrey

Fall Swiss

Round 2  Humphrey-Baluran

Round 3  Amodeo-Garamendi   

Class Championships

Rd 1  Amodeo-Pryor

Rd 4  Zeigler-Borgan 


US Amateur Team West    Manukyan-Liu

State Championship   Funderburg-Del Pilar   Funderburg-Taylor

Here's one played in Escondido where a Class B player drew a Master  Rhoads-Fitzgerald 

Western States Open in Reno   Draper-Bennet

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