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'07 Class Chmps Rd 4

2007 Class Championships Round 4  12/12/07  G/120 with 10 sec delay

65 Players Total, not including house players  

The Masters Section (16 players):

Upset winners by rating in bold

Bd 1  Bruce Baker - Carl Wagner  0-1   The Longest Game of the Night

Bruce fought hard, but at the end of the game it was clear he was in trouble as Carl had two passed pawns that marched to the sixth rank, bearing down on the kingside while Bruce's passed center pawn and active Queen did not provide enough counterplay.

Bd 2  David Hart - Dimitry Kishinevsky  1-0

Hart jumps into a tie for First Place with Carl and George. Next week the crucial game will be Wagner - Hart, and David will likely have the difficult task of trying to win with Black as it looks like Carl has an edge with better tiebreaks, plus if Zeigler were to upset Baker, then a draw between Carl and David would knock them both out. David has won 3 in a row after a first round draw.     

Bd 3  George Zeigler - Chris Borgan  1-0

George drew his first two games, but has quietly snuck up on the field by winning hsi last two games. As mentioned, if he can pull off an upset next week and if the top board has a draw, then he could win the Masters and be the last seed placed into the 2008 Club Championship (along with Funderburg, Sussman and Crisologo).  

Bd 4  Jim Humphrey - John Funderburg  1/2-1/2

John has been frustrated by tough, but lower rated, opponents who have held him to 4 draws in a row, the longest such streak I can remember in John's illustrious career at the SDCC.

Bd 5  Mariano Lozano - Alejandro Garamendi  0-1

Alejandro won some extra pawns on the Queenside and appeared to have an edge the whole game, but Mariano fought hard and nearly came back at the end.  

Bd 6  James Mahooti - Fawsi Murra Jr  1-0 

Fawsi stood in for Raoul Crisologo, who was MIA, maybe he has seen enough of James lately! Raoul won't be paired next week unless we hear from him... 

Bd 7  Eric Montany - Jason Qu  1-0

Jason played up to enter this event and has scored two draws so far, a pretty good showing.


Esteban Escobedo vs Enrique Parra

Bd 8  Esteban Escobedo - Enrique Parra  0-1

Enrique finally shook off the rust and scored a win. Esteban, like Jason, played up and has scored two draws. Next week it looks like the two upstarts will meet in the final round.   

Class A (15 players):

Bd 11  Ed Baluran - Lennart Mathe  1-0

Bd 12  Jamieson Pryor - Buddy Morris  0-1

Bd 13  Bob Defore - Mario Amodeo  0-1

Bd 14  Dayne Freitag - Marty Lower  0-1

Bd 15  Tom Fries - David Delgadillo  1-0

Bd 16  Ron Soto - Ron Rezendes  1-0

Bd 17  Richard Jensen - Jerry Soelberg  1-0

Bye: Fausto Robles 

Class B (14 players):


Bd 18  Vincent Broman - Joel Batchelor  1/2-1/2 

Bd 20  Fred Borges - Damani Fair  0-1

Bd 21  Erik Marquis - Robert Draper  1-0 

Bd 22 Anthony Harbone - Chuck Ensey  0-1

Bd 23  Fawsi Jose Murra - Robert Henderson  1/2-1/2

Bd 24  Ryan Nichols - Shaun Sweitzer  0-1

Bd 25 Santaigo Rubio-Fernaz - Rocio Murra  1-0

Class C/D (20 players):


David Hall

Bd 26  Steven Perry - David Hall  0-1

Bd 27  Tom Kuhn - Karen Kaufman  1-0

Bd 28  Julian Rodriguez - Arnold Berlin  1-0

Bd 29  Morgan Fox - Michael Thomas (unr) 0-1

Bd 30  Mark Lawless - Patrick Edwards  1-0

Bd 31  Keith Wetterer - Robert Samuel  0-1


Bd 32  Monica Ness - Michael Ryan  0-1

Bd 33  Alan Zade - James Hillard  1-0

Bd 34  Brian Hatton - Bill Murray  0-1

Bye: Michael Brindell, Reno Tyrell            

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