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'07 Class Chmps Rd 1

Class Championships  Round 1    11/21/07

Please sign up by email to or by calling the club phone at 619-239-7166 (before 6:30 PM on Wednesday) or in person at the club (before 6:30 PM)

5 Rounds, one half point bye is available (last round bye must notify before start of rd 2)

4 Sections: Master/Expert, Class A, Class B, Class C and below 

Time Control: G/120 with 10 second delay per move.   Entry Fee: $25

Trophy for each Class winner. Best Expert also gets trophy, winner of Master/Expert section gets a berth into the Club Championship (16 players) without having to qualify through the Markowski Open. 

Round One

Upset winners (by rating) featured in bold type

The Masters 

Bd 1  Raoul Crisologo - Bruce Baker  0-1  The Longest Game of the Night, it was a close battle

Bd 2  Carl Wagner - Alejandro Garamendi  0-1

Bd 3  Mariano Lozano - David Hart  1/2-1/2

Bd 4  Dimitry Kishinevsky - Dan Derby  1-0

Bd 5  Chris Borgan - Enrique Parra  1-0

Bd 6  John Funderburg - Esteban Escobedo  1/2-1/2

Bd 7  Jason Qu - George Zeigler  1/2-1/2

Byes: Jim Humphrey, James Mahooti, Eric Montany, Brad Salz

Class A: 


Bob Defore won the 2006 Class A trophy last year, he will defend his title this year

Bd 8  Buddy Morris - Richard Jensen  1-0

Bd 9  Ron Rezendes - Ed Baluran  0-1

Bd 10  Mario Amodeo - Jamieson Pryor  1-0

Bd 11 Jerry Soelberg - Tom Fries  1-0

Bd 12  Ron Soto - Marty Lower  1-0

Bd 13  Fausto Robles - Lennart Mathe  1/2-1/2

Byes: Bob Defore, David Delgadillo

Class B: 

Bd 16  Shaun Sweitzer - Vincent Broman  0-1

Bd 17  Robert Draper - Robert Henderson  1-0

Bd 18  Rocio Murra - Damani Fair  0-1

Bd 19  Chuck Ensey - Erik Marquis  1/2-1/2

Bd 20  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz - Fred Borges  0-1

Bd 21 Andrew Sung - Anthony Harbone  0-1

Byes: Joel Batchelor

Class C: 


Rocio Murra won the 2006 Class C trophy, this year she is in Class B...

Bd 24  Reno Tyrell - Morgan Fox  0-1

Bd 25  Michael Ryan - Julian Rodriguez  0-1

Bd 26  Steven Perry - Monica Ness  1-0

Bd 27  James Hillard - Robert Samuel  1-0 

Bd 28  Bill Murray - Patrick Edwards  0-1

Bd 29  David Hall - Keith Wetterer 

Bd 30  Michael Thomas - Tom Kuhn  0-1

Byes: Karen Kaufman, Mark Lawless, Greg Tomlin and Michael Brindell  

(others we hope will join: Carlos Herrera, Erik Lotfi, Arnold Berlin, Christian Garcia, Harry LaSalle, Ralph White)



Jachin (Reno) Tyrell won the Class D trophy last year, this year he wants to win the Class C trophy...  

See the Pairings Page for next week's expected match-ups.


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