Sunday, January 6, 2008

'07 Capa Rd 5

Capablanca Challenge     Round 5      6/20/07       7:00 PM

Round 5 Results 

Once again, upset winners are in bold

Board 1  Richard Gimeno - Bruce Baker  0-1 

Richard has beaten Bruce several times in the recent past, so this is not a "gimme", to use a golf term. Bruce is the only player to have won all 4 of his games. Richard sacrificed the exchange, but didn't get enough for it and Bruce ground out the technical win.

Bd 2  George Zeigler - Dimitry Kishinevsky  0-1

A big match up of two of the club's top Experts. Dimitry has the edge as he is higher rated and also he has already made it to Master level at one point in his career, while George has yet to break that 2200 barrier, but on the other hand, anything can happen in any one game, plus George has the White pieces in this contest. This game was as good as advertised - see it on Cyrus Annotates

Bd 3  Alejandro Garamendi - David Hart  1-0

This is no sure thing either, Alejandro can be quite dangerous with his aggressive style. In time trouble and also in big time game trouble, David was unable to solve the difficult problems posed by Alejandro and was forced to resign right around the 40th move. Unfortunately Alejandro didn't have a legible scoresheet and so I don't have the game. Maybe David will give it to us, but I doubt he wants to relive this one!

Bd 4  Ron Soto - Rick Aeria  0-1  

Rick looks to jump back onto the leader board, but Ron is blocking his way. Ron is undefeated and drew with NM Todd Smith last week. Rick did win this one, and we might get a copy of it later on.

Bd 5  Manuel Herrera - Lennart Mathe  1-0

A newcomer, Manuel has been establishing himself as a solid Expert over the last year.

Bd 15  Ed Baluran - Chris Borgan  1-0  Longest Game of the Night

Bd 16  Ben Barquin - James Mahooti  1-0   Second longest game - while it was in progress many people thought James was going to win this one as he appeared to have the better position, but Ben is very tenacious and a good defender and Big Ben pulled it out in the endgame.

Bd 17  Hercules Madriaga - Esteban Escobedo  1-0 

No surprise that Hercules is a STRONG player!

Bd 18  Jim Humphrey - Roberto Aiello  1-0

This looked like a close ending to me, but Jim said he was in control the whole way.

Bd 19  Jason Qu  - Mario Amodeo  0-1

Jason wanted to play up as a Class A player in this event and so he has been getting some tough pairings. 

Bd 20  Ron Rezendes  - David Delgadillo  1-0  This was one of the first games over!  

Bd 21  Tom Fries - Richard Jensen  1-0

Bd 22  Robert Defore - Fausto Robles  1-0

Bd 23  Chuck Ensey - Pejman Sagart  1-0  I got lucky for once - Pejman usually beats me.

Bd 24  Jerry Soelberg - Damani Fair  0-1

Bd 25  Fred Borges - Shaun Sweitzer  0-1

Bd 26  Erik Marquis - Fawsi Jose Murra  0-1

Bd 27  William Wijaya - Julian Rodriguez  1-0 

Bd 28  Rocio Murra - Ryan Nichols  0-1 

Bd 29  Robert Samuel - Anthony Harbone  1-0

Bd 30  David Hall - Manuel San German  0F-1F 

Bd 31  Morgan Fox - William Murray  1-0  

Bd 32  Mark Lawless - Daniel Bagliazo  1/2-1/2

Bd 33  Michael Ryan - Christian Garcia  1-0 

Bd 34  Anthony Arciga - Karen Kaufman  1/2-1/2

Bd 35  Patrick Edwards - Keith Wetterer  1-0

Byes: Vincent Broman, Tom Kuhn, Michael Ross, Monica Ness


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