Thursday, May 25, 2023


We have started monthly Points Arena where scholastic players (K through K12, any chess level) come and play for 1 hour G10 games (maximum time per game is 20 min). Lichess Arena is a very unique experience as points can be earned by playing many games as well as shortening (berserk) their time control compared to opponent’s.  I also like Arenas because it tends to pair players of more or less similar level at least at the beginning of the tournament.  Arenas are also very convenient type of online event because players can arrive later and still join the game. It’s totally ok to play just one game, take a pause, and then return later and play second game.  This type of online tournament is very flexible and accomodating. 

While we have been having scholastic arenas for quite some time now, we only started Points Arenas recently.  Each month the players try to play as many arena games with us as possible during 1 hour allocated earning points to be added later. In May we have had 3 such arenas. 

Total of 48 players attended our online play in May. Out of 48 players, 15 players played all 3 Thursdays!

First May Arena  (May 4th) - 31 played

Second May Arena (May 11th) - 33 played

Third May Arena (May 25th) - 30 played

After adding all May points the top 10 scholastic online performers in May:

  1. Ephraim Rosenstock (58 pts)

  2. Andy Zhong (57 pts)

  3. Vinson Nguen (55 pts)

  4. Fausto Borquez (52 pts)

  5. Nishk Shah (44 pts)

  6. Francis Ordanza (40 pts)

  7. James Chang (39 pts)

  8. Aiden Kim (37 pts)

  9. Saksham Kapoor (36 pts)

  10. Eric Oen &

Ryuta Nunez (both had 34 pts)

Congrats to all our scholastic guys who fought many tough battles! 

The top 5 winners will chose any two colors to make a chess playing set (many colors are available).

We are taking a break from SDCC Scholastic Arenas until second part of July/beginning of August. 

Please, join us then!



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