Friday, April 14, 2023

SDCC 2023 Open House with 3 events


The San Diego Chess Club had a very successful Open House last night with a choice of 3 offerings, all of which were free:

1) A simultaneous exhibition by our new Club Champion NM Isaac Wang. He played 25 players and did not lose a single game, but did allow about 4 or 5 draws. He took it very seriously and did a great job fighting off all the players, some of them fairly strong. The last game didn't finish until midnight. A few of the draws were probably just because it was getting late and everyone was tired. The players who did draw get a free entry into a Wednesday night event or a Gambito Open. Here are some of the names that I recall who managed a draw vs the Club Champion: Vincent Broman, Shaun Sweitzer, Marvin Waldman. I think there was at least one more, please let me know if you are aware who of they were. 

2) An 8 round rated Blitz tournament (G/5,d2) with 36 players in two sections. Here are the prize winners, the club donated $250 in prizes:

Open Section (18 players) - 1st Place: Benjamin Tang (7 1/2), $25; 2nd Place: Priyansh Garg (7), $15; BU2000: Sarthak Gattani (5 1/2), $20; 2nd U2000: Vedant Maheshwari (5), $10; 1st/2nd U1800: Ken Green (4) and Julian Rodriguez (4), $15 each; BU1600: Jack Greene (4), $20; 2nd U1600: Raynash Maheshwari (3 1/2), $10.

U1400 Section (18 players): 1st Place: Cohen Wallace (a perfect eight wins), $25; 2nd Place: Shailesh Maheshwari (6), $15; BU1000: Sarah Fisher (5), $20; 2nd U1000: Nilesh Gattani (4), $10; BU800: Arjun Jain (3), $20; 2nd U800: Henry Kwon (2) and Philipa Villalobos (2), $5 each. 

The Blitz event finished up around 10:15 and everyone had a great time. 

3) A lesson from last year's Club Champion NM Adam Corper. This was held in the skittles room and was intended for players U1200. Attendance was good with around 15 attendees I believe. This will be an ongoing weekly event every Wednesday starting at 7:30 PM. There is also another class starting at 6 PM by Class A player Anthony Su that will start a 6 PM and go until 7 PM, this is also free and will be open to who ever wants to attend, regardless of rating. 

This was also a pot luck affair and the club members did a great job of providing food for the club to munch on for all 3 of the events. We are lucky to have such a large club that we can handle having 3 separate events all at the same place. Thanks for attending everyone, see you next week when we will start a new 5-round event, The Isaac Wang Open. This will be a McMahon Swiss with players over 1800 starting with 4 bye points, U1800 with 3, U1600 with 2, U1400 with 1 and U1000 with 0.

                                                        OPEN HOUSE SIMUL


OPEN HOUSE Adam Corper's Class:

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