Monday, March 27, 2023

SDCC Scholastic Team Brings Trophies from SuperStates

 2023 South California Scholastic SuperStates took place last weekend in Santa Clarita with many teams competing for the best performing teams in South California. In addition, the top players would go on representing South California in the invitational national event.

The list of various teams in SuperStates is below. SDCC kids were all competing under CAS2CC Club team name.

SDCC had few kids representing our club:

Grade Championship:

K8 - Noah Ward, Vedant Maheshwari, Ruhan Vichare, Priyansh Garg
K5 - Ryuta Nunez, Sarthak Gattani
K3 - Hiro Uchiyama, Francis Ordanza, Rayansh Maheshwari

Junior Varsity:

K12 U1600: Gavin Barnes
K8 U1200: Smaran Mukkavilli, Dylan Liu, Delby Sherod
K6 U700: Aiden Yan
K3 U500: Ella Cai, Isaac Sayre
K2U200: Elliott Yan, Binh-Minh Le, Patrick Huang, Atlas Rajaee

SuperStates kicked off with a side bughouse event where SDCC guys Delby Sherod and Ryuta Nunez paired up and placed second!

The following day started with intense matches in many scholastic categories.  SDCC team performance varied from round to round finishing strong:

3rd in K8 championship (represented by Vedant Maheshwari, Noah Ward, Priyansh Garg and Ruhan Vichare) with 15 points, only 0.5 point behind the second team.  Vedant scored 5 points and got the third place on tiebreaks.

3rd in K5 Championship (represented by Ryuta Nunez and Sarthak Gattani)

2nd in K3 Championship (represented by Rayansh Maheshwari, Francis Ordanza and Hiro Uchiyama)

3rd in Rookies K2 U200:   Championship (represented by  Elliott Yan, Bihn-Minh Le, Patrick Huang, Atlas Rajaee).

6th in K8 U1200 (represented by Smaran Mukkavilli, Dylan Liu and Delby Sherod)

7th in K3 U500 (represented by Ella Cai and Isaac Sayre)

In addition, our guys did outstanding in Blitz tournaments taking first places in K6 (by Sarthak Gattani) and in K12 (Noah Ward). Ryuta Nunez, Vedant and Rayansh Maheshwari also took awards in the Blitz tournament.

We are all very proud of our scholastic guys going and facing a very tough competition in 2023 South California Super States!

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