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SDCC March Scholastic Tournament

SDCC March Scholastic Tournament

March 19, 2023

12:00 - 04:30 PM

March Scholastic took place on Sunday, March 19th, with a whopping 124 participants. It's our second tournament in a row with zero no-shows. All pre-registered participants came and played in 5 sections.  Elite section (10 players) and Open section (16 players) played in a skittles room while U800 (33 players), U500 (34 players) and U300 (31 players), total of 98 players played in our large tournament hall. 

With the help of our wonderful tournament staff: Jonathan Frye, Jason Nunez, Kathryn Mokhov, Mario Amodeo, Irina Nizmutdinova and Jim Harrell we were able to start the tournament right on time at noon. The USCF Dean of Scholastic Chess, Dewain Barber,  came to talk to kids right before the first round began. It was great to see him at our club! 

As the tournament progressed, parents were receiving the text and email notifications via CaissaChess Tournament Directing site.   24 families signed up to be updated via CaissaChess notifications

U800, U500 and U300 sections finished by 3:50 pm. The award ceremony for those sections took place right after from 4 pm to 4:20 pm.  The Elite/Open sections were awarded right after from 4:30 to 4:45 pm.

As usual we had few teams playing in this event. LFSD team with 14 players, Gompers team with 13 players, and two other smaller teams. It is always great to see groups of kids returning to our events, we hope to continue seeing them throughout the year.

The top performers / trophy winners were:


1st:   Ryuta Nunez
2nd:  Giancarlo Paniagua
3rd:  Samarth Raghavan


1st: Smaran Mukkavilli
2nd: Miller Zhang
3rd: Eric Li
4th: Hiro Uchiyama
5th: Andy Zhong


1st: James Whitwell
2nd: Rey Zamudio
3rd: Henry Fletcher
4th: Manuel Perez
5th: Holden Cheng
6th: James Kased
7th: Alan Chang
8th: Calvin Chui
9th : Agastya Shiv Mali
10th: Aiden Bonnell


1st: Ethan Carson
2nd: Ahmad Taha Mirzahi
3rd: Dhruvan Shrinivas
4th: Simon Roff
5th: Finnian Mobley
6th: Eric Oen
7th: Emilie Hamacher
8th: Diego Amado
9th: Delby Sherod
10th: Alex Qi


1st: Hunter An
2nd: Rex Mobley
3rd: Dikran Bostanci
4th: Milo Gibson
5th: Anay Gupta
6th: Augustin Sanchez
7th: Oscar Ellison
8th: Dylan Hill
9th: Lucas Nahama
10th: Oliver Fletcher

The tournament has been rated.

Photo 1: Dewain Barber is greeting scholastic players and families.

Photo 2: Open/Elite sections

Photo 3&4: awards ceremony

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