Friday, March 31, 2023

Scholastic March Arena Top Performers

 Thank you all who participated in our March Arena series, 2 Lichess tournaments held on 3/23 and 3/30. Total of 54 players! 

Remember that Arena tournaments are very different from Swiss.  Arena points can be a bit manipulated by reducing the time control compared to your opponent. In addition, some kids only played in only one March Arena so they have less points.

Here are the 25 top performers of the March Arena (points for both days were added).

Ryuta Nunez
Nishk Shah
Eric Oen
Fausto Borquez
Cameron Twu
Ephi Rosenstock
James Chang
Saksham Kapoor
Sashwat Raj
Joshua Lin
Hiro Uchiyama
Miller Zhang
Michael Mokhov
Sai Krishna
Chetan Yanamala
Darren Youn
Gordon Negus
Gavin Tjipto
Milo Gilson
Holden Cheng
Anoushka Silva
Anton Mokhov
Kyle Chuang
Francis Ordanza
Brayden Tantisira

Monday, March 27, 2023

SDCC Scholastic Team Brings Trophies from SuperStates

 2023 South California Scholastic SuperStates took place last weekend in Santa Clarita with many teams competing for the best performing teams in South California. In addition, the top players would go on representing South California in the invitational national event.

The list of various teams in SuperStates is below. SDCC kids were all competing under CAS2CC Club team name.

SDCC had few kids representing our club:

Grade Championship:

K8 - Noah Ward, Vedant Maheshwari, Ruhan Vichare, Priyansh Garg
K5 - Ryuta Nunez, Sarthak Gattani
K3 - Hiro Uchiyama, Francis Ordanza, Rayansh Maheshwari

Junior Varsity:

K12 U1600: Gavin Barnes
K8 U1200: Smaran Mukkavilli, Dylan Liu, Delby Sherod
K6 U700: Aiden Yan
K3 U500: Ella Cai, Isaac Sayre
K2U200: Elliott Yan, Binh-Minh Le, Patrick Huang, Atlas Rajaee

SuperStates kicked off with a side bughouse event where SDCC guys Delby Sherod and Ryuta Nunez paired up and placed second!

The following day started with intense matches in many scholastic categories.  SDCC team performance varied from round to round finishing strong:

3rd in K8 championship (represented by Vedant Maheshwari, Noah Ward, Priyansh Garg and Ruhan Vichare) with 15 points, only 0.5 point behind the second team.  Vedant scored 5 points and got the third place on tiebreaks.

3rd in K5 Championship (represented by Ryuta Nunez and Sarthak Gattani)

2nd in K3 Championship (represented by Rayansh Maheshwari, Francis Ordanza and Hiro Uchiyama)

3rd in Rookies K2 U200:   Championship (represented by  Elliott Yan, Bihn-Minh Le, Patrick Huang, Atlas Rajaee).

6th in K8 U1200 (represented by Smaran Mukkavilli, Dylan Liu and Delby Sherod)

7th in K3 U500 (represented by Ella Cai and Isaac Sayre)

In addition, our guys did outstanding in Blitz tournaments taking first places in K6 (by Sarthak Gattani) and in K12 (Noah Ward). Ryuta Nunez, Vedant and Rayansh Maheshwari also took awards in the Blitz tournament.

We are all very proud of our scholastic guys going and facing a very tough competition in 2023 South California Super States!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Gambito #1007 Wallcharts and prizes


Gambito #1007

Elite Section
1st Place Zachary Fitzpatrick. 2nd Place Arseiny Kryazhev $50. 3rd Place Lennart Mathe $25. Best U2000 Anthony Mokhov $75. 2nd U2000 Datris Robinson $50. 3rd U2000 Vincent Roberts $25. Best U1800 Tosshaan Thapar $25.

Open Section
1st Place Tez Padhee $75. 2nd Place Jason Arbeiter $50. 3rd Place 3 way tie, Charles Ensey, Sai Pulagam, and Luis Urzua $8 each. Best U1600 Samarth Raghavan $75, 2nd U1600 Vihaan Gupta $50. Best U1400 Vian Parikh $75. 2nd U1400 Joshua Kaasik $50. 3rd U1400 Toby Chen $25. 

U1200 Section
1st/2nd Place Michael Fagan and Omar Orduno $62 each. 3rd Place Trazie Gbahe $25. 1st/2nd Place U1000 4 way tie. Shishir Sodagudi, Sai Krishna, Nathan Trieu, and Saanvi Sheoran $25 each.

Total prize fund $1000 based on 52 players (47 Paid)

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1007: Elite (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4
2Zachary FitzpatrickB 8W 6B 1W 4
 2046 16177988
1Arseniy KryazhevW 7B 4W 2B 12
 2094 30397686
7Anthony Mi MokhovB 1W 11B 3W 5
 1866 16196162
9Datris RobinsonB 3W 8B 11W 6
 1809 12796177
4Vincent RobertsB 11W 1W 12B 2
 1977 15863186
3Lennart MatheW 9B 12W 7B 10
 2015 13333232
12Tosshaan ThaparB 5W 3B 4W 1
 1755 17253577
6Tan VuB 13B 2W 10B 9
 1936 16384033
5Ben Barquin JrW 12B 10W 8B 7
 1964 12682476
10Pejman Sagartbye W 5B 6W 3
 1774 12536658
8Vincent BromanW 2B 9B 5W 11
 1828 12838600
11Leon ChenW 4B 7W 9B 8
 1773 17076931
13Jason ArbeiterW 6------------
 1732 13734901 0.0U0.0U0.0U0.0

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1007: Open (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4
4Tez PadheeW 13B 7W 2B 1
 1682p 31014323
9Samarth RaghavanW 17W 8B 7B 3
 1556 30633647
13Vian ParikhB 4W 16W 11B 2
 1382 17080518
1Jason Arbeiterbye B 10W 6W 4
 1732 13734901
3Charles Enseybye W 14B 8W 9
 1713 10487188
6Sai PulagamB 14W 12B 1W 8
 1627 16075110
5Luis Urzuabye ----B 18W 12
 1649 30118234 0.5U0.51.52.5
14Vihaan GuptaW 6B 3W 10B 11
 1361 30019619
18Joshua KaasikW 11B 2W 5B 10
 1209p 30686852
2Pouya MehrkeshB 12W 18B 4W 13
 1731 31088215
8Jacob I DerainW 15B 9W 3B 6
 1615 14400837
7Ken GreenB 16W 4W 9B 15
 1615 15208138
11David NarevskyB 18W 15B 13W 14
 1500 12329150
12Xingti GuW 2B 6W 19B 5
 1412 17145338
15Toby ChenB 8B 11W 16W 7
 1357 30273244
17Sean DevittB 9W 20--------
 1234p 30594249 0.01.0U1.0U1.0
19Ayaan Oswalbye ----B 12B 16
 957 30407501 0.5U0.50.51.0
16Howard WangW 7B 13B 15W 19
 1282 30291617
10Ildefon Mamaradlobye W 1B 14W 18
 1500 12975870
20Katharine Ahrens----B 17--------
 412p 12935622 U0.00.0U0.0U0.0

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1007: U1200 (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4
5Michael FaganW 16B 9W 2B 7
 1019p 14254137
1Omar OrdunoW 11B 8W 6B 2
 1155 30414226
2Trazie GbaheB 12W 10B 5W 1
 1120p 30214478
6Shishir SodagudiB 17W 14B 1W 11
 954 17120302
9Sai KrishnaB 15W 5B 14W 18
 907 30520681
13Nathan TrieuB 3W 7W 8B 12
 730p 17068423
10Saanvi SheoranW 22B 2W 15B 4
 899p 17350815
7James WallW 20B 13W 18W 5
 943 30567182
14Greg DeuerleinW 4B 6W 9B 21
 543 30191332
18Nicholas Pastranabye W 3B 7B 9
 unr. 31144455
11Jake BrambilaB 1W 20B 21B 6
 856p 30735489
8David BrambilaB 21W 1B 13W 15
 909p 30798353
3Bruce MasonW 13B 18W 19B 17
 1057p 15725880
4Victor PinedaB 14W 17B 12W 10
 1039p 30568279
12Hemish ParikhW 2B 22W 4W 13
 829 30286280
15Katharine AhrensW 9bye B 10B 8
 412p 12935622
17Nicolas A WilcoxW 6B 4B 20W 3
 unr. 31161406
21Daniel CoronaW 8B 16W 11W 14
 unr. 31128014
20Jeffrey RenB 7B 11W 17B 19
 unr. 31156752
16John DevittB 5W 21--------
 unr. 31149156
22Ryan DevittB 10W 12--------
 unr. 31150586
19Vinay Gupta--------B 3W 20
 unr. 31161388 U0.0U0.00.00.0